Indian PUBG gamers reacts to Dr. Disrespect hate comments on Mobile esports

PUBG Mobile India update: Indian PUBG gamers reacts to Dr. Disrespect hate comments on Mobile esports,

PUBG India update: Dr. Disrespect the world-famous streamer and entertainer tweeted today against mobile esports. He is previously known to make comments such as Mobile gamers aren’t real gamers.”

 The winner of streamer of the year in 2019, Dr.Disrespect, was Left out of Finalists At Esports Awards 2020 is receiving replies from all the top mobile esport players and streamers. He had also done a Collab with Scout OP and was surprised he is a mobile esports player.

Mortal reacts

 2nd place on the streamer of the year by the esports awards, Mortal is a super star in Indian esports.

Ferg React

 The famous call of duty mobile player challenges Dr.Disrespect to a 1v1. While he plays on mobile and doc on a Controler.

Thug reacts

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Mobile esports, too big to ignore

Mobile esports is giving compition to PC/Console esports in every aspect of the industry. The differentiation to begin does not make a lot of sense, specially considering that both the platforms require immense skill and talent to begin with. Lets take a look at some key points why Mobile esports is the real deal.


Skills to be a top esports player are mainly to practice, embodiment of this practice to a level of sub-conscious predictions and reactions in a split second is the same for a player on any gaming platform.


A report from Esports Charts shows that mobile esports were responsible for the three most-watched esports events of July, with viewing figures significantly beating the biggest PC and console events.

This is not just a one time thing, The most-watched event worldwide was the Mobile Legends MPL Invitational 4 Nation Cup, a $100,000 tournament featuring teams from South East Asia.

More often then not, mobile esports is equalling if not beating the viewership compared to PC games. Even considering the streamers side of things, Mortal the mobile esports player placing 2nd in esports awards streamer of the year says it all.

it has long been known that mobile esports are massive in Asia, over the next few years, you can expect that to grow even more, and potentially become a factor in the Western world as well.

Revenue and Prizepool

In 2018 mobile games accounted for over 51% ($15.6 billion) of domestic games market revenue in China—which represents about 25.7% of global mobile games revenue. PC esports titles earned $16.1 billion in revenue globally, with about 40% of the earnings coming from China.

The prizepools also say a similar story, The PMGC has the biggest Prizepool in mobile gaming history of 4Million dollars, that’s equivalent to the smite world championship and many other mobile titles.

Infact PUBG Mobile, the dominating force in the mobile esports, their Prize pool has gone from a total prize pool of 5 Million Dollars in 2020 to 14 Million Dollars announced for 2021 year round tournaments.

Mobile Esports Growth

Number of more midcore/hardcore mobile games and gamers are growing fast and the mobile platform leads the way in % of growing internet users being introduced to gaming. Smartphone penetration % in fast growing markets shows gigantic upside for mobile gaming and esports.

From all of this we can see Mobile’s competitive gaming higher participant numbers, monetization %, and revenues vs PC competitive gaming means a very promising future for mobile esports — and in certain countries it has already displaced PC esports. So Dr.Disrespects comments are just making a mockery out of himself and his followers.

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