India vs England: ICA president Ashok Malhotra says, ‘India can now field 2 Test & 2 ODI teams’

EXCLUSIVE: ICA president Ashok Malhotra: India can now field 2 Test & 2 ODI teams

India vs England Series: ICA president Ashok Malhotra says Indian team currently playing series against England are so strong that they can now field 2 Test & 2 ODI teams: Former India player Malhotra feels the Indian team has an abundance of talent and can field two-Test and two ODI squads at the international level much like what Australia could the first decade of the 21st Century.

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India vs England: Ashok Malhotra says India very strong in the world cricket now

“This decade belongs to us. India is going to dominate world cricket for the next 10 years. With the amount of talent we have, India can easily field two teams in Test and ODI cricket much like what Australia could in the decade of 2000s. If India is participating in the finals of the ICC Test Championship India can field its equally good 2nd team in any other tournament (Asia Cup). You just cannot say a second-string side anymore. Both are equally good,” Ashok Malhotra told on the sidelines of a Vijay Hazare match in Delhi on Tuesday.

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India vs England: Malhorta says, ‘Gill, Sundar, Axar, Siraj India’s future’

“You have too many top-class players. Apart from the regulars who are world beaters, you have the likes of Shubman Gill who I will call a future superstar who has enormous time to play all kinds of shots. I think Washington Sundar is the best youngster along with Shubman. You have Axar, you have Md Siraj you have too many top-class talents. It’s very difficult to get into this side and then to retain a spot. If A is better than B, then C is waiting in the wings to better both A & B and there is still space for a D. That’s how Indian cricket has developed. It has stars, superstar, top talents, class players, utility players, match winners, raw talents, you name it… you have it,” Malhotra said.

The ICA President said he was happy about the neutral venues format in IPL as there will be no home advantage and was looking forward to seeing a keenly contested hard bought tournament. “It’s going to be an evenly contested tournament and neutral veneus format is a logical conclusion of the Covid 19 pandemic. But the caravan format will help players to take more rest at one city and will reduce the risk from Covid exposure,” he observed.

After winning the test series 3-1, India vs England T20 Series start on Friday in Ahmedabad.