IND vs AUS: All is not well between Virat Kohli & Rohit Sharma ?

India on tour of Australia – Is all ok between Virat Kohli & Rohit Sharma ? No one knows the real situation but the developments clearly suggests things are not very smooth between two of the biggest icons of the Indian cricket. Lack of communication or perhaps no communication is hurting Indian cricket and especially the team’s prospects in Australia.

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Just sample this –

Livid Kohli in his press conference declared that ‘lack of clarity and communication’ on Rohit’s injury status is baffling. Kohli also pointed out in the press-conference that Rohit like Wriddhiman Saha should have traveled with the team to Australia instead of heading to NCA. Post this statement, BCCI released a statement declaring, ‘as Rohit Sharma was attending to his ailing father, he did not fly to Australia with the team’.

The statements by the India captain and subsequent declaration by the BCCI makes InsideSport ask few pertinent questions from all the concerned parties ?

– Kohli and Rohit are playing together for now more than 10 years now. They both are pillars of the Indian cricket and also Team India’s Captain & Vice Captain. Have things between them reached a stage that they don’t even communicate with each other on basic things like status of their injuries, travel plans, availability for the Indian cricket team ?

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– Why couldn’t Virat or Rohit speak to each other during their stay in UAE for IPL 2020 ? Why Virat or Rohit need to go through “official” channels to even check on each other’s well being?

– Kohli is the captain of the Indian team. As captain, isn’t his responsibility to check on the well-being of his teammates ? Everyone in the world knew that Rohit is struggling with a hamstring injury – as a captain of the team, isn’t is his duty to check on the health of his most important player ?

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– Only recently, Australian spinner Adam Zampa revealed how as RCB captain, Virat had sent him a WhatsApp message on his arrival in Dubai to make him feel at ease. Why Kohli couldn’t show the same gesture towards Rohit to avoid any complications? Why he needs BCCI for any communication with his vice-captain ?

– Same question should be asked from Rohit Sharma as well. He decided to continue playing IPL 2020, he made himself unavailable for India tour of Australia – why ?

– Not only this, but If he was to attend to his ailing father, why he decided not to inform the leader of the Indian team about this development ? Why Rohit Sharma stayed quiet ?

As is the norm with the the Indian cricket in past, no one will answer the above questions. The cricket media, fans can only assume at this stage. And all assumptions and developments are pointing that, all is not well between Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma.

Virat Kohli vs Rohit Sharma – Questions should be asked from BCCI (Board of Cricket Confusion of India) as well ?

Questions should also be asked on the issue from the BCCI. Why didn’t the BCCI reveal the facts ? Injuries are part and parcel of the game, why they want to hide injuries ? Why instead of being custodian of the Indian cricket – they behave like a confused entity, who only reacts but not act ?

– The India captain pointed out ‘lack of clarity’ in handling of Rohit Sharma’s injury episode. And the India board reacted and made it more confusing for everyone. Instead of declaring that Rohit Sharma went on to attend to his ailing father via a press-release – why they could not inform Coach Ravi Shastri & Virat Kohli about this development earlier ?

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– Proper communication has never been the BCCI’s forte. Rohit wasn’t included in the team for the tour of Australia – in 2 hours Mumbai Indians tweeted video featuring Rohit Sharma hitting sixes in practice. Sunil Gavaskar seeing this literally pleaded by saying that ‘Indian fans deserve transparency and clarity’ on injuries and the concerned should come out in open. What did the BCCI do ? They made it more confusing by first not reacting and then including Rohit Sharma in the Test team as a reaction. In the last 30 days various U-Turns have been taken by the BCCI on the issue and few other are in offing.

– Why was the Indian captain, coach not informed about progress of Rohit Sharma ? Rohit is important cog in the Indian team’s wheel, why the coach and captain were left on their own to find out the status of Rohit ? Why the custodian of Indian cricket can’t communicate with Virat ?

– Another big question is, why didn’t Sunil Joshi, the selection committee chairman, keep the team management informed on Rohit’s fitness status on a regular basis? While renaming Rohit in the Test Squad – Did he not check on his fitness ?

As per the Indian board’s last release, Rohit’s next assessment will be on December 11 following which there will be clarity on his participation – but mind it this DRAMA is not ending there, it will take some more twists and turns – before it is buried under the carpet as always.