India Tour of England: ‘Weatherman’ in WTC final, Dinesh Karthik reveals abuse he received from Indian fans

India Tour of England: Dinesh Karthik said he was abused on social media for 'not waking up early and update early during WTC Final
India Tour of England: Dinesh Karthik said he was abused on social media for 'not waking up early and update early during WTC Final

India Tour of England: On commentary duty in England for the ICC World Test Championship Final (WTC Final), Dinesh Karthik wasn’t supposed to update fans on the weather. Yet, he became the weatherman, giving early morning updates on how the weather would unfold in Southampton. It was a free service but Indian fans were apparently not happy as he was late to wake up and not provide an update on time.

However, the India and Kolkata Knight Riders star impressed one and all with his commentary skills during the clash but had bittersweet memories from the rain-marred clash in Southampton. The wicketkeeper-batsman was the other Indian commentator in the high-voltage encounter apart from the legendary Sunil Gavaskar.

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“‘Weatherman’ is a very double-edged sword; I’ll put it on record. The first day, a lot of praise, the second day, very happy, the third day they started abusing me. I wanted to sleep yaar; I can’t wake up every day at 6’o clock to give a weather report,” Dinesh Karthik said on the ‘22 Yarns with Gaurav Kapur’ podcast on Thursday.

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India Tour of England: Dinesh Karthik spoke about his commentary stint during the World Test Championship Final. During the first couple of days when rain interrupted proceedings, Dinesh Karthik provided weather updates on social media keeping the Indian audience in the loop. However, the Kolkata Knight Riders star said that ‘Weatherman” was a very double-edged sword with social media taking his update too seriously.

Dinesh Karthik added, “They took it too seriously on social media. They started abusing me saying, ‘Wake up! What the hell are you doing?’ in far more choice words that I can’t use on the podcast, just for not waking up, which was hard but you have to live up to their expectations I guess. I got abused for saying it was raining!”

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India Tour of England: Karthik stated, “Two things I got abused for were for saying it’s gray and it’s raining and the fact that I couldn’t wake up early to give the news. And a lot of it, I am talking about thousands of abuses. Not one or two, that I would have let go. Thousands saying ‘Wake up, wake the hell up.”

Dinesh Karthik’s commentary himself tangled in controversy during England’s ODI series against Sri Lanka. The 36-year-old made a remark, which was deemed sexist, and later he apologised for the same saying that he got a ‘lot of stick’ from his mother and wife. Karthik aims to continue his cricketing career despite foraying into the commentary. Karthik will be seen in Phase 2 of the IPL 2021 in September, and might also lead the franchise with Eoin Morgan’s availability in question due to national duties.