India to join FIH Hockey Pro League from 2020 season

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The Executive Board of the world hockey governing body FIH has confirmed that the Indian men’s team will participate in the FIH Pro Hockey League from the 2020 season.

National associations were unanimous in their support to include India in the FIH Pro Hockey League from next year.

FIH CEO Thierry Weil has confirmed, “It’s great that India will join the FIH Pro League already next year. There is such a passion for hockey in the country that it will add a lot to our newest competition. Furthermore, FIH would like to thank all participating National Associations who, by agreeing on a common scheme for the 2020 and 2021 calendars, have once again shown the solidarity of the global hockey community and their utmost will to grow the sport together.”

The Executive Board has also approved the 2020 and 2021 FIH Pro League match schedule principles.

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Building on the successful start of the very first FIH Pro League, the FIH Executive Board (EB) today (Tuesday) approved, upon recommendation from the National Associations participating in the FIH Pro League, the following principles of the match schedule for the 2020 and 2021 seasons.

The associations have voted to keep the League competition within the first six months of every year and all the all games will remain “home games”.

However, the home and away principle will be kept too in a split formula over the two consecutive seasons. Under the new formula for example, in 2020 Team A will host Team B twice within a couple of days whereas in 2021, Team B will host Team A twice within a couple of days.

This scheme reduces by half the travel of the teams compared to the current format, therefore decreasing costs for teams, benefitting athletes’ welfare and reducing the impact on the environment.

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