IAAF Council approves curtailed Diamond League Concept for 2020

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The IAAF Diamond League from the next season will cut events, reduce the length of events and make other changes as the global jackpot event for athletics enter its 10th season. The changes are approved to provide an action-packed format to the broadcasters among a host of other benefits for all stakeholders.

The IAAF Diamond League Board and Meeting Directors, together with the IAAF have been reviewing the future of the Diamond League from 2020 onwards. The IAAF Council yesterday (Monday) approved the core principles set out and agreed by the Diamond League Board and meeting directors at their General Assembly two weeks ago.

The goal of the year-long review, which included detailed research and discussions with athletes, coaches, fans and broadcasters, was to bring together the very best one day meetings in a high quality annual international circuit which gives athletes a compelling and rewarding reason to compete; a more consistent, action packed format for broadcasters and provides fans with a persuasive reason to come back to the sport week in and week out to follow the star athletes as they gain points to qualify for an exciting end of season finale.

“The IAAF Diamond League is the way millions of sports fans engage with athletics on a top level every year. It is a strong circuit that is celebrating its 10th year but we can make it even stronger and more relevant to the world our athletes and our fans live in today,” said IAAF President Sebastian Coe.

The 2020 IAAF Diamond League will include the very best 12 meetings, based on the criteria developed in 2018, leading to a single final at the end of the season. An agreed 24 disciplines (12 male and 12 female) will run across the 12 meetings and the final, with the longest discipline being the 3000m. Each meeting will be broadcast globally in a faster-paced 90-minute television event which will link the events and the athletes’ points so fans can more readily follow the road to a single final at the end of the season, IAAF has stated on its official website.

“Change is never easy but should, wherever possible, be done from a position of strength which is what we have done,” states the IAAF President. “I want to thank the Working Group, jointly chaired by Jon Ridgeon and Christoph Joho, the Diamond League Board and all the meeting directors for the work they have put in over the last year to take stock of all that we have achieved over the last 10 years and share new innovative ideas to evolve this elite circuit of quality events that attract the best athletes which in turn gives our fans a compelling reason to tune in and follow their stars over the next decade and beyond.”

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