“I Got Sued For $1.4M”- England’s Brand Takes Ex-UFC Fighter to Court – Here’s Why

Find out the inside scoop: How a UK UFC star found himself in a legal battle with an English brand, resulting in his brand closure.

“I Got Sued For $1.4M”- England’s Brand Takes Ex UFC Star Fighter Darren Till to Court - Here’s Why
“I Got Sued For $1.4M”- England’s Brand Takes Ex UFC Star Fighter Darren Till to Court - Here’s Why

Across the UFC superstar landscape, legal issues have loomed large for fighters like Conor McGregor and Israel Adesanya, requiring them to fight legal battles. Adding his name to this growing list is UK’s Darren Till. In a recent interview, Till disclosed that he faced a hefty $1.4 million lawsuit from an English brand, leading to the closure of his own brand. Let’s delve into the specifics of this incident.

England’s brand-sued UFC Star Fighter Darren Till 

Darren Till, the former UFC title challenger, ended his contract this year. It’s been so long since he picked a win inside the octagon and ever since he got defeated by the former UFC welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley, back in 2018 he never looked the same. Meanwhile, in a recent interview with Kanpai Media Till had a chat with Mike Perry during which he surprisingly shared how he got sued by G-Star Raw.

In a surprising revelation, he stated, “So I got sued for $1.4 million. Rawdog got me sued did you not know?” After which Mike Perry pressed Till about the reason behind it. Till replied, “So it was going well and I was actually saying to the guys that we need to give Adesanya some percentage. And then a brand in England called G-Star Raw and it’s trademarked they own rights to the name Raw. So they sued us and we couldn’t trade anymore. They sent us a cease letter and that was the end of Rawdog.

For those unfamiliar, Till owned a clothing brand named Rawdog, offering a range of products from hoodies to t-shirts with worldwide shipping. Unfortunately, the UK-based brand G-Star Raw, holding the trademark for the term ‘Raw,’ issued a notice to Till, leaving him with no choice but to shut down his Rawdog brand.

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Absolutely, it’s a common scenario in the business world, where brands with trademarks legally take action to protect their property. Despite Rawdog’s success in the UK market, the legal suit led to its closure. The question now remains whether Till will venture into creating another brand, especially considering the initial success of Rawdog.

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