Hawks vs Bucks Game 4 in NBA Conference Finals Scores: Trae Young less Hawks win 110-88 to tie the series 2-2

Hawks vs Bucks Game 4 in NBA Conference Finals Scores: Trae Young less Hawks win 110-88 to tie the series 2-2. Game 5 back in Fiserv Forum.

Hawks vs Bucks Live Game 4 Quarter 4

Clint Capela caught an inadvertent elbow to the face during a fight for a rebound. he’s down and in some pain. Hopefully, he’ll be okay

Clint Capela just tossed up a shot over the backboard to beat the shot clock and it went in. this really is the hawks’ night

The Bucks have cut it to 16 with just under nine minutes to play. They aren’t giving up just yet

It is official now from the Bucks that Giannis will not return tonight. He’ll get an MRI either tonight or tomorrow and then we’ll know the full extent of the injury. Bucks’ hopes — not just this season potentially next as well — will swing on those results

87-62 Hawks at the end of the third quarter. this one is over. hawks had been playing well all night, but they just overwhelmed the bucks after Giannis left the game with a knee injury

Hawks vs Bucks Live Game 4 Quarter 3

Middleton did swipe down kind of hard but he hit Gallinari on the arm. This should be a common foul for the Bucks were getting back into the game prior to that Giannis injury but have been shellshocked since. Hawks quickly pushed their lead up to 20

Giannis has returned to the bench. Still not sure about his status

He’s now in the tunnel walking on his own. A better sign than nothing, but still way too early to tell how severe that might be

Giannis is hobbling off the floor right now. He does appear to be putting a little bit of weight on it, but moving extremely gingerly and being supported by his brother Thanasis

Hawks vs Bucks Live Game 4 Quarter 2

13 points and four rebounds for Lou Williams on 4-4 from the field. looking pretty good stepping into the starting lineup for trae young

hawks have once again built a double digit lead. they continue to impress without trae young. just outplaying the bucks on both ends right now

bucks are 10 of 33 from the field and have six turnovers. honestly kind of amazing they’re only down by eight

The hawks are just swarming Giannis any time he gets the ball near the basket or paint. wonder if they’ll try to start getting him the ball on the move to negate some of that instead of having him be the creator

25-22 hawks at the end of the first quarter. playing without trae young, the hawks came out with a ton of energy and quickly built a double-digit lead. the bucks have slowly worked their way back into the game.

Hawks vs Bucks Live Game 4 Quarter 1

PJ tucker hits a three from the corner and he now has eight of the bucks’ 14 points. giving them a big boost here early on as they struggle to find their offense

Giannis air-balled a three and the hawks crowd started jeering but Middleton saved it and tossed it to tucker for a layup. 15-9 hawks, who call a timeoout

bucks 1-6 from the field and just turned it over. they’re out of sorts to start this game. wonder if they’re a little less focused with trae out

no trae young, no problem for the hawks so far. they’re off to a 10-2 lead inside three minutes and have forced a bucks timeout. bucks haven’t been able to get anything going on offense

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