GTA Online: Check out the Top 3 properties to buy in GTA Online

GTA Online has been a huge success since its release 8 years ago. The GTA series is mainly known for its diverse open-world maps. It features a lot of expensive and diverse GTA Online properties that players can buy for business purposes and generate revenue from them. The famous Los Santos Golf Club is the most expensive property by a huge margin and the revenue generated by it will take players over 500 weeks to break even. Though most of the players will consider buying them as a luxury because the properties cost way too much in terms of the weekly revenue they generate. Players can manage to buy all of these properties that are mentioned and build a popular cultural image in the game and these properties can only be owned by Michael. Here the Top 3 GTA Online properties that players can buy:

  1.  Ten Cent Theater ($ 20 Million)

GTA Online propertiesOne of the most popular properties in Los Santos, which is a theatre filled with audiences most of the time. Players can own it for $ 20 million and Ten Cent Theater will generate around $264,000 every week. It also has a double turnover system which will help players in the long run.

  1. Doppler Cinema ($ 10 Million)

GTA Online propertiesDoppler Cinema is an old building representing the cultural heritage of Los Santos. Players can buy this place for $ 10 million and can expect a weekly revenue of around $132,000. This means players will need at least 76 weeks to break even.

  1. Tivoli Cinema ($ 30 Million)

GTA Online propertiesThe most expensive theater in GTA 5 and it costs a whopping $ 30 million. Despite being the costliest theater of all, it is the poorest investment of all. Tivoli Cinema is expected to generate around $142,000 per week and players will need 211 weeks to break even.

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