Good News for PUBG fans: PUBG Mobile India app won’t be held up at the Google Play Store

Good News for PUBG fans: PUBG Mobile India app won't be held up at the Google Play Store

PUBG Mobile India Comeback Update: As per a post by GEM Esports and a report by Sportskeeda, a notification has been sent to the review team of Google Play Store on 24th November. It talks about a request to expedite the process of publishing PUBG Mobile India as soon as the developers upload it.

Google states that apps reviews can take up to 7 days or more in exceptional cases. These being exceptional times that we now live in, that 7-day window has apparently been extended to all app reviews. This measure is apparently being by-passed by the Indian version of the game.

The post reads “The Google Play store review team have been briefed stating to have the app published live instantly and not to be held for review.”

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The post also says “The source wants to be anonymous and has showed us additional information which confirms that he has links to the Google Play Store team. He also claims, this briefing was sent out on November 13th as well and was later told to be removed. Again, yesterday(24th November) it’s being notified again.”

This means that PUBG Mobile Indian version will be on the Google app store as soon as the publisher uploads the the game onto the store.

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This does not mean the game is back

The same page further clarified that this does not mean that they know when it will be available, and that PUBG Mobile India has already been pre-reviewed and will not be held up with a review.

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Indian PUBG fans have been spamming the Microsoft Azure social media handles asking about the game release date in India. Multiple times confirmed by Microsoft Azure that the games return will first be announced on the official website. With the Corporation registered as a company in India, now only the launch remains.

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