Gongane narrates his journey from truck driver to medallist National wrestler

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Image Credit: WrestlingTV

A silver medal at the Indian wrestling nationals is a big achievement for anyone, especially for the one who was compelled to quit the sport and drive a truck — without having a driver’s licence by his own confession — to support himself and his family for four years.

It’s been a long journey since then. The man who rose from the days of struggle to national recognition, Sonba Gongane has narrated his story to www.wrestlingtv.in, the dedicated platform for streaming, videos, stories, features, analysis and reviews for the sport of wrestling . This is the journey of the village boy who took to wrestling as an eight-nine-year-old, only to be forced to drive a mini Tata Ace truck for his survival. But the desire within to excel in kushti was always burning.

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Gongane reveals how he cleared every obstacle that came in his way! How he drove truck for years and how this journey on the same truck brought him back to the sport and how he has rose to be Indian wrestling’s one of the brightest prospects for the future!

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