Golden State Warriors Season Preview: Roster, Player Salaries, Key Matches, and Season Analysis for the NBA 2020-21 season

NBA Season Preview: After an injury-induced year, the Golden State Warriors are looking to get back to their winning ways in NBA 2020-21 season. Lamentably, those plans hit a significant barrier when Klay Thompson tore his right Achilles hours before the draft. Here is our Season Analysis for the Golden State Warriors. You can also find the updated roster, player salaries, and the key matches.

Additions: Kelly Oubre Jr., James Wiseman, Kent Bazemore, Brad Wanamaker

Losses: Ky Bowman

2019-20 Record: 15-50, 15th in Western Conference

The Golden State Warriors will welcome back Stephen Curry in the 2020-21 NBA season after he missed the majority of last season because of a hand injury. Draymond Green has also recovered from the various injuries that had him in and out of the lineup last year.

The NBA granted Golden State a sum of $9.3 million after Thompson’s injury which helped them acquire Kelly Oubre Jr. from the Oklahoma City Thunder.

At the NBA draft, the Warriors went big and selected James Wiseman as their 2nd pick. Penny Hardaway, who coached Wiseman at Memphis, told that Wiseman is driven to be the best big man in the NBA and will be the “fastest big man from one end to the other.”

Front-office executives and scouts like his potential. One NBA scout told The Undefeated that Wiseman is “a combination of David Robinson and Chris Bosh.

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Golden State Warriors roster and player salaries

Player 2020-2021 2021-2022 2022-2023 2023-2024
Bazemore, Kent $ 1,620,564.00
Chriss, Marquese $ 1,824,003.00
Curry, Stephen $43,006,362.00 $45,780,966.00
Green, Draymond $ 22,246,956.00 $ 24,026,712.00 $25,806,469.00 $27,586,225.00
Lee, Damion $ 1,762,796.00 $ 1,910,860.00
Looney, Kevon $ 4,821,429.00 $ 5,178,572.00
Mulder, Mychal $ 1,517,981.00 $ 1,782,621.00 $ 2,228,276.00
Oubre Jr., Kelly $ 14,375,000.00
Paschall, Eric $ 1,517,981.00 $ 1,782,621.00 $ 2,228,276.00
Poole, Jordan $ 2,063,280.00 $ 2,161,440.00 $ 3,901,399.00 $ 5,813,085.00
Smailagic, Alen $ 1,517,981.00 $ 1,782,621.00 $ 1,930,681.00
Thompson, Klay $ 35,361,360.00 $ 37,980,720.00 $ 40,600,080.00 $ 43,219,440.00
Toscano-Anderson, Juan $ 1,517,981.00 $ 1,782,621.00 $ 2,228,276.00
Wanamaker, Brad $ 2,250,000.00
Wiggins, Andrew $ 29,542,010.00 $ 31,579,390.00 $ 33,616,770.00


To support the young bench, the Warriors have also signed veterans Brad Wanamaker and Kent Bazemore.

The Warriors’ key match will be against the Brooklyn Nets on the opening night of the 2020-21 NBA season. Check out the full NBA Schedule here.

Without Thompson, it’s not the way the Warriors pictured getting back to competition, but their roster is deeper than last year. They might not be title contenders with Thompson out, but the Warriors should be back in the playoff picture.

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