Global sensation TikTok has sponsored FIFA esports team Tundra, becoming the principal partner of the organization

The TikTok logo will be front and center on the new Tundra jersey, and the organization will be creating a new TikTok account to produce esports related content for the platform.

This not the first time TikTok has entered esports, the company had put on a collegiate tournament earlier this year, it is the first major sponsorship of an esports team, and one of the biggest esports activations the company has been a part of so far. With esports content doing well on the platform it would not be a surprise to see further activations such as this.

“Esports has found a natural home on TikTok, with gaming content already proving to be hugely popular in our community,” said Jana Ulaite, Head of Brand and Partnerships Marketing at TikTok Europe. “Our users love to share their winning gameplays, rituals and triumphs, while also watching the best in the business go head to head in international tournaments. We can’t wait to see what team Tundra has in store for us for FIFA 21.”

Tundra Esports is a Russian esports team, formed in 2019. The team most recently won FiFa Summer Cup Series. Alongside this announcement Tundra has also announced another partnership, this time with clothing manufacturer Kappa. Kappa will be producing the official Tundra jersey and other merchandise, with the company logo appearing on all the merch. The team showed off their revamped jerseys on twitter ‘welcoming the new era’.

“We wanted to announce the rebrand with a really strong message that we’re here to make an impact, and I can’t think of a better way to do that than by launching with partnerships from TikTok and Kappa,” said Anthony Graham, Co-founder & General Manager at Tundra. “Social media and esports have always had a natural synergy and TikTok specifically carries a primarily young, digitally native audience who interact and reside heavily online, exactly like our community. The interest in esports, particularly FIFA on TikTok is proven, and we’re delighted that they’ve chosen Tundra to represent them, and it’s hugely motivating for our players who will be sporting the logo every time they compete.

“When we began planning the rebrand we had a very clear vision of what we wanted Tundra to represent, that we’re ambitious, and we’re here to win. We want to go back to the roots of esports, focusing on core competitive gaming and performance, and giving our players everything they need to succeed.”