Garena Free Fire Ban Millions of cheaters, game continues to grow post pubg ban

Garena Free Fire Bans Over 3 Million Devices In 2 Weeks

· 1 million accounts are banned

· 3 million devices were banned

· Hacker stats released by Garena

· Its your duty to report cheaters

Garena has finally addressed the hacker fest free fire had become and banned about 4 million cheaters. The Free Fire BOOYAH DAY update saw more than 1 million accounts and 3 million devices were banned thanks to player reporting. Garena also fixed a bug on September 15th, offering players protection against airplane hacks.

Free Fire posted an infographic detailing the number of accounts banned as well as other stats.

A total of 1,089,261 accounts got banned in the last two weeks. 65% of these accounts are reported by players, so know that if u find a cheaters in your game, its your duty to report him and trust the system. Garena is following the foots steps of so many other games like PUBGM and Valorant who all took strict action on cheaters, which is an important step to maintain the integrity of the game’s esport scene.

Next a total 3,785,627 devices for a number of hacks like antenna, wallhacks, auto-aim, teleportation and other reasons.

Teleport and auto-aim is the highest cheats used.

Cheats are very easy to access and run and this is a major problem, the only way for them to deal with it is to band and delete accounts.

This is the third wave of ban that Garena has executed. In june Operation Cut Cord was rolled out where over 3.8 Million accounts were flagged and subsequently wiped, and previous to that about 50,000 accounts were banned.

As the PUBG ban continues more players are switching to free fire, we have saw a rise of downloads for the game.

The game recorded a total of 2.1 million downloads during this period and saw a record number of players during the second quarter. Garena needs to take continued strict action against hackers to keep the game enjoyable and help grow the competitive scene, and we Free Fire players should do our part by reporting cheaters when we spot one.