Free Fire Update: New character Skyler is going LIVE soon, check abilities, when can you obtain him– All you need to know

Free Fire Update – Skyler Goes Live: Free Fire has announced a new character, Skyler, taking the character count to 37. Every new character that is announced by Free Fire, barring Nulla and Primis have a distinct ability. Each character’s ability has a certain way to influence the gameplay and aid players in the battlefield.

Skyler’s character was announced a few days back– the collaboration with the Vietnamese singer Son Tung M-TP. Skyler cannot be obtained by players for now, but will soon be available. Though, what is known about Skyler is the abilities he will have in Free Fire. Described as a CEO and a Superstar, his active ability is going to be Riptide Rhythm.

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Skyler’s ability produces a supersonic wave that holds the potential to damages 5 Gloo Walls that are present within the range of 50m. Apart from this, he also holds the potential to help aid HP recovery, starting from 4 points, when a Gloo Wall is deployed. However, the effects cannot be used one after the other. Each segment of the ability has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

Skyler’s ability will also get increased once the character level increases. At the maximum damage capacity that Skyler has is the ability to damage 5 Gloo Walls within a 100m range. Deploying a Gloo Wall is going to help in HP recovery beginning from 9 points. As the character level increases, the cooldown level is going to decrease to a minimum of 40 seconds.

Skyler also has an exclusive character ser that will just be for him, named as the ‘Superstar Set.’

Skyler will be obtainable very soon. The date is not out as of now. Players have been receiving a message which states “This item will be available soon” when they click on the obtain option.