Free Fire Advance Server Registrations: All you need to know

Free Fire has grown exponentially to become one of the biggest battle royal games for mobile devices. It’s feats in the last year included a plethora of awards, including the one where it bagged the title of best mobile game in 2020.

This popularity of the game is also because of the number of collaborations the developers have done– there is something for everyone.

After the success of the OB25 update, the Free Fire developers are moving to the development of a new advanced server and are beginning to register for the “Free Fire OB26 Advance Server.”


Everything to know about the Free Fire Advance Server
The pre-registration for the Free Fire Advance Server has started from today and the APK file of the OB26 version of the game is available for people. Free Fire OB26 Advance Server will release on February 4, 2021) and will be made available only for Android devices.

How to register for the Advance Server
Follow the following steps to register for the Free Fire Advance Server:

Visit the Advanced Server official website. They can click here to visit the website.

Players will then have to sign up for the Advance Server– they can either use their email address or they can use their Facebook accounts.

Fill in the required information and click on the “Join Now” button.

Once the registration process is completed, the players will be able to download the Free Fire OB26 Advance Server APK file.


The Advance Server could have certain bugs and glitches that are usually present when a game is being initially made. Players will have the opportunity to gain several diamonds by reporting these glitches to the developers.


This new update is one of the most crucial ones for the game developers since it is going to be a deciding factor as to what they will think about after the Free Fire x One Punch Man collaboration is over. It will be great to see this new update come with new collaborations in the future as well.