Football Business : Serie A back on BeIN Sports but only after ‘negotiated contract’

Cristiano Ronaldo & Serie A is back on the screens in the territory of Middle East. After week long blackout of Serie A, Qatar-based broadcaster BeIN Sports resumed its global coverage of the Italian league in the region. BeIN had blackout top Italian league last week on account of their inaction over piracy.

BeIN Sports agreed after signing new contract with Serie A

According to a report, the coverage of Serie A could only resume after the league agreed to sign a new agreement with BeIN on negotiated terms. Though BeIN has not revealed the negotiated values but Sports Pro has reported that Serie A had to accept a major discount to end the blackout.

The original three-year deal, which spans 35 territories including Australia, France and 24 countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), was worth some US$500 million to Serie A from 2018 to 2021.

BeIN said the settlement reflects its overarching stance on media rights, adding that the agreement should serve as a warning to other soccer leagues that do not protect the exclusivity of their rights.

A spokesperson for BeIN Media Group said: “The agreement reached regarding Serie A sets a major precedent, reinforcing what BeIN and other international broadcasters have been saying for years: if rights holders don’t tackle piracy, they’ll only receive non-exclusive fees.”