FIFA World Cup 2018 most searched as sports lead google searches in India

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FIFA World Cup 2018 has been the most searched keyword on Google – globally and in India. LIVE Score and IPL 2018 follow in the next as five out of the top 10 most searched keywords in India happen to be from sports. Four others are from cinema and entertainment world and one from the field of politics.

Asia Cup 2018 and the Asian Games 2018 are the other sports keywords among in the top 10 list released by the most popular search engine.

The FIFA World Cup 2018 in India, according to the data released the official broadcaster, has attracted over 70 million views in India. The number is close to 35% of the total IPL audience in India, which is reported to be 202 million for the 2018 season. Cricket fans mostly search the updates with the ‘LIVE Score’ keyword, which happens to be the second most search for a particular word during the year.

Though not among the overall top ten searches in India, Winter Olympics has been googled more than Wimbledon, Pro Kabaddi 2018 and Indian Super League by the internet-using sports lovers in the country. Even as the Winter Olympics had no considerable Indian representation, the Games have registered more google searches than the Glasgow Commonwealth Games this year.

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Asia Cup 2018, the 50-over tournament that India won in the United Arab Emirates, also finds a place in the top 10. So does the continent’s biggest multi-sport spectacle Asian Games 2018.

Meanwhile, FIFA World Cup 2018 was also the most-searched news item of 2018 on Google.

In India, Wimbledon happens to be the seventh most searched sports key word, behind the Winter Olympics and the Commonwealth Games. Even the Australian Open Grand Prix finds a place in the top 10 list.

Here are the top 10 most searched key worlds in India: 1. FIFA World Cup 2018; 2. IPL 2018; 3. Asia Cup 2018; 4. Asian Games 2018; 5. Winter Olympics; 6. Commonwealth Games 2018; 7. Wimbledon 2018; 8. Pro Kabaddi 2018; 9. Indian Super League and 10. Australian Open 2018.

The overall top 10 list includes: 1. FIFA World Cup 2018; 2. LIVE Score; 3. IPL 2018; 4. Karnataka Election Results; 5. Baal Veer; 6. Big  Boss; 7. Robot 2.0; 8. Asia Cup 2018; 9. Motu Patlu and 10. Asian Games 2018.

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