FIFA Football Law Annual Review on 15th Feb to be streamed LIVE

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Zurich’s Home of Football will play host to the FIFA Football Law Annual Review on 15 February 2019.

The new initiative is designed to share the most important regulatory changes and decisions of the last year with representatives of national associations, leagues, clubs and players’ unions, as well as professionals in the legal field.

With one of the fundamental pillars of FIFA 2.0 being transparency, FIFA is opening its doors on a yearly basis to present facts, figures and insights relating to the regulatory work and case law of its decision-making authorities and independent bodies, in addition to the most significant CAS proceedings prompted by FIFA decisions.

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The FIFA Football Law Annual Review will be live streamed on, with reaction to follow after the event. FIFA big-wigs including the President Gianni Infantino will address the event.

Speakers at FIFA Football Law Annual Review
Gianni Infantino, FIFA President
Dr. Emilio Garcia, FIFA Chief Legal Officer
Oliver Jaberg, FIFA Director of Integrity
Ian Smith, FIFA Director of Operational Legal
Daniel Zohny,FIFA Head of Intellectual Property
Carlos Schneider, FIFA Head of theEthics
Giancarlo Dapoto FIFA Head of Professional Football.
Erika Montemor Ferreira, FIFA Head ofPlayers’ Status