FIFA 21: EA announce FIFA 21 Global Series tokens, Check how to redeem them

The FIFA 21 Global Series is starting soon and EA is giving fans a way to earn rewards just by watching. FIFA esports are back with the 2021 Global Series (FGS), with more prizes and special rewards for watching as in years past.

 EA SPORTS has introduced the FIFA Global Series (FGS) exchange for FIFA 21, in which players can redeem the Twitch tokens they have collected via SBC.

Ten Global Series events taking place in the coming months are part of the promo and promise A TOKEN each for players who have followed one of the events for at least 60 MINUTES . These tokens are then exchanged for pack rewards via Squad Building Challenges (SBCs).

On October 29, 2020, EA SPORTS will be holding the FIFA 21 Global Series pre-season event. Professional footballers like Trent Alexander-Arnold and Gio Reyna will be playing alongside FIFA pros like Tekkz and Gravese.

How to earn and redeem FGS Player Tokens

To earn FGS Player Tokens, you need to link your Twitch and EA accounts on Once your accounts are linked, you must watch at least an hour of an eligible FGS event on Twitch.

Once you earn at least two separate tokens, you can redeem them for pack rewards in repeatable Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). This gives you a new, free method of earning packs to get players and items to fill out your squad.

When and where to watch

You can catch the first eligible FGS tournament, the FIFA 21 Challenge, on Thursday, October 29. This tournament will feature pro footballers like Trent Alexander-Arnold and Giovanni Reyna teaming up with FIFA pros in a four-team tournament.

Once the qualifiers start, eligible tournaments will be more frequent and you will be able to earn Tokens more often. The South America Regional Qualifier is from December 5-6 and the European Regional Qualifier is from December 12-13.

EA is using two different Twitch channels for the events. Most of the events will take place on, , but the North American Qualifiers will be on

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