FAUG vs PUBG: 5 reasons why FAUG’s ratings have dropped drastically in a week

FAUG vs PUBG: When FAUG was launched on January 26, Republic Day, a lot of players jumped on to play the game, only to be disappointed by the quality of gameplay the PUBG rival had to offer. For now, the current rating for FAUG stands at 3.0 stars on the Google Play Store, as opposed to the 4.5 stars that the game saw on Day 1 of its launch.

Players have been mocking FAUG from the get-go, and even more now, since they say FAUG needs a lot of improvements and the game is nothing like they expected FAUG to be.

Why are the FAUG ratings dropping?

Lack of Updates in FAUG:

Though the game is still in its beta stage, players have been criticising FAUG for just having one mode as opposed to the many that are currently unavailable. The players have been asking for updates since they don’t know what to do with the game after they have completed the only available campaign mode.

No weapons in FAUG to speed up the game:

In this part of the game, FAUG doesn’t have any weapons, massively decreasing the speed of the game because enemy health is too much to punch and kill in the time frame given. The game becomes boring after a while, just punching might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Not like PUBG:

Many players have been saying that the game is nothing like PUBG. Though the makers had clarified that the game is a story mode, PUBG players have been calling out the game and saying it is nothing like PUBG. The sheer lack of controls like jump, prone and crouch have made this claim more justifiable.

FAUG becomes monotonous:

After playing the game for a few times, the game becomes very monotonous. Players tend to understand how many enemies will come at every checkpoint, leading to a lot of monotony.

What beyond completing the Campaign mode?

Since other modes are unavailable, players are under a dilemma to figure out what they have to do after they have completed the Campaign mode.

Even though FAUG’s rating has been drastically dropping, the game is still a top free game in India a couple of days after launch and it still holds that title. At the time of this report, FAUG’s rating stands at 3.0 stars on Google Play Store.