FAUG Review: Jackie Chan-like combat and graphics plus point but not worth your time

FAUG Review: Jackie Chan-like combat and graphics plus point but not worth your time

FAUG Review: Jackie Chan-like combat and graphics plus point but not worth your time: FAUG has been in limelight for all the reason– announcement following an unprecedented ban, Bollywood megastar Akshay Kumar endorsing the game and the sheer fact that it revolves around real-life events that have taken place at the Galwan Valley.

FAUG was launched on Republic Day, 2021 and has broken few records– more than 5 million downloads in a day and 4.0 rating on Google, and a lot of players who had a lot to say about the game.

Here’s Inside Sport’s FAUG Review– the good, the bad and the changes the game needs:

FAUG Review: Jackie Chan-like combat and graphics plus point but not worth your time

FAUG Gameplay: 

Contrary to popular belief, FAUG is not a battle royal game like PUBG Mobile but is like an action-based mobile game. Since most of the combat actions are in the form of a hand combat and melee weapons, it is impossible to compare it to PUBG that sees the use of vehicles, guns and melee– a much-advanced form of combat.

The only available game mode in FAUG is Campaign that is a single-player combat model. The battle royal and Team Death Match will later be introduced.

The campaign mode is rather linear and you have to just follow a certain path and kill the enemies that come in your way. The enemies indulge in hand combat and some of them carry melee weapons when they come to fight you. If you have a melee weapon, you can use them, too. They strike harder. The whole purpose of the game is to cross checkpoints while defeating enemies and save your fellow soldiers. The game misses the option of jumping and crouching, an action that was readily available in PUBG from the very beginning and is missed while fighting enemies. The continuous punching and the impromptu kicking makes the game boring, once you have the handheld weapons equipped, there is nothing you could look forward to.

At a few checkpoints, you come across a bonfire. You sit there for a few seconds and can regain your health and get ready for yet another combat at the checkpoints ahead. One can find these at every checkpoint, what health you have is not the criterion. There are simple strategies that you can carry out when you are fighting enemies.

FAUG Weapons and Fights

The weaponry can be found in the form of spiked bats and make-shift axes. These are not available like the loot that is found in PUBG. You have to defeat your enemies to collect the weapons, and you can have just two at a time. However, just like in PUBG, you have to use the weapons judiciously because you lose the weapons after you have killed two enemies. A status bar also shows the health of the weapon you are using.

Picking up these weapons is easy since all you have to do is walk over them, just like you do in PUBG. Enemies who are going to attack you will glow for a second in red before they attack you– you can plan your combat that way. There is an acute monotony since after a while you find yourself fighting the same enemies, on a very similar kind of terrain. There isn’t much that can be done about it.

FAUG Graphics:

Graphics of the game are impressive, unlike what was shown in the trailer and that had left players, sceptic, about the game. There is a reason why low-end devices were not allowed to pre-register for the game, and the reason is justified. Gameplay aside, you actually feel like you are playing a well-polished game. The high level of settings is refined, though you get medium settings are the default option.

The weapons also have skins that you can buy through an in-game purchase and 20% of it will get to the Bharat Ke Veer foundation.

Final Thoughts: 

The game definitely needs some polishing before it can actually be enjoyed more than the first mission and one needs to remember that this is just the first update. One could easily get bored with the repetition but it is all a part and parcel of playing a game that needs further polishing and wait for more modes to enter.