FAUG no more in top 10 free games list, Check out who has the top spot

Top 10 Free Games on Google Play Store : FAUG was rated as the Top Free Game on Google Play Store. FAUG has over 5 million downloads, and an initial rating of 4.5 stars. However, that rating has now slipped down to 3.0 stars. As FAUG’s rating fell, it has also lost the spot of the Top Free Game to Garena’s Free Fire.  FAUG currently stands at the 16th spot in the Top Charts, and at number 3 in the new games category. Currently, the top game is High Heels.

Here are 10 Top Free Games on Google Play Store

  1. Free Fire
  2. High Heels 
  3. Crazy Car Stunt Racing Games – Free Car Games 2020
  4. Ludo King
  5. Join Clash 3D
  6. FPS Offline Strike : Encounter strike missions
  7. Subway Princess Runner
  8. Water Sort Puzzle
  9. Temple Run 
  10. Candy Crush Saga

nCore Games announced that the game has been released globally. Players outside of India will now be able to download and play FAU-G through Google Play. However, there is no update on when FAUG will be launched for the iOS platform.

nCore Games took to Twitter to share that FAU-G is now available globally on Google Play. PUBG plays have mocked FAUG immensely and gave a bad rating to FAUG reviews on Google Play for it not being at par with PUBG Mobile.

Free Fire Updates:

Free Fire’s Advance Server OB26 update released on February 4, 2021. The update is expected to come with an array of changes, including the weapon damage change, a new training area along with a new character that could also be made available.

Players can download the new Free Fire OB26 update from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Weapon ability upgrade in Free Fire OB26 update

The following guns have received an upgrade in their damage, recoil and rate of fire-

  • Groza: Increased minimum damage, recoil, and rate of fire
  • M1014: Increased minimum damage and rate of fire
  • UMP: Increased minimum damage and armour penetration
  • M249: Increased movement speed while firing

Weapon ability degradation in Free Fire OB26 update

The following guns have received a degradation in many aspects-

  • SVD: Decreased additional damage to body and fire rate
  • Parafal: Decreased recoil and maximum range
  • Vector: Decreased minimum damage, accuracy, and range
  • M1887: Decreased maximum range
  • Woodpecker: Decreased rate of fire