FAUG launch-Setback for PUBG: 4 reasons why FAUG launch can create problems for PUBG relaunch

FAUG - PUBG: Faug release date. Pre-registration link

FAUG launch setback for PUBG: FAUG’s release date is slated to be January 26, 2021, Republic Day. With the number of players that have pre-registered for the game crossing over a million, only the D-Day will tell if they translate to the number of downloads, as well. But for now, this release date of FAUG is acting like an Albatross around PUBG Mobile’s comeback in India. 

FAUG download link out now; Check out – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ncoregames.faug&pli=1

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While the FAUG is getting easily popular amongst the masses, it is also crucial to understand that this is a huge setback to the popularity that PUBG enjoys in India. Here are 4 reasons why FAUG’s launch date is going to have a grave impact on PUBG Mobile India.

    1. The Revenue– With PUBG Mobile being one of the highest revenue grossing games in India, the launch date of FAUG is going to act as a distraction for all those players. The ban on PUBG ensured that Tencent faces a loss of over $34 million, and now the funds are expected to get transferred to another game. Backing the Bharat Ke Veer Foundation, FAUG contributes to a good cause, for which one might not mind spending that money in-game.
    2. Shift in Players– The never ending wait for PUBG’s return to India, has forced the Indian players to choose other games. This decision has not come by will, but by force.The shift in players means that FAUG could also get a major chunk of PUBG Mobile players and the popularity of PUBG Mobile might fade because 4 months into PUBG’s ban, streamers like Mortal who were known for PUBG Mobile gameplays, have also crossed 50k watching on other games like Minecraft.
    3. The Pressure to Deliver– When the date for FAUG’s launch wasn’t out, it was being considered as a popularity scheme. But how that all of it is real, the new team set up by Krafton Inc will have to try harder than they are to get PUBG back in India. The conversations with the ministry are not concrete, and the hopes are fading. It is getting tougher for PUBG to make a comeback in the country. FAUG might just be the new IT game for the Indian players.
    4. The Made in India Factor– If FAUG picks up, the Government might never let PUBG Mobile India make its comeback on the country since it is a product of Atmanirbhar Bharat and contributes towards the Bharat Ke Veer.

Will FAUG be the end of PUBG Mobile India’s death in the country?

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All the information available on FAUG– the trailer, the music, the plotline of Season 1 and the FAUG pre-registration links have been shared by nCore Games along with the ambassador of the game, Akshay Kumar on Twitter. On the other hand, no other information regarding PUBG Mobile besides the new team at Krafton Inc’s office have been revealed.