FAUG Game tips and tricks you have to try right now

FUAG Game tips and tricks you have to try right now

FAUG Game tips and tricks you have to try right now: FAUG is now launched and is setting records ever since it was launched. The game had over 5 million downloads in a little over 24 hours. The first season is based out of Galwan Valley and is currently available in a Campaign mode.

The game gets a little trickier as you proceed, and combating the Chinese enemies gets harder and harder. Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to sustain a little longer in the game. FAUG game does get trickier as time passes by in a mission. FAUG tricks you need to know:

Keep the health bar intact

You have certain check-points that have a bonfire at them. Players can shit there to replenish their health. Keeping the health intact will help you tackle the enemies better. The hits you get from the melee weapons are hard, you have to maintain health so that you can fight the enemies. Please note that seconds go faster when you are replenishing your health.

Keep a tab on your surroundings

Getting stuck in a corner will only increase your chances of losing more. So try to stay in the open area, as much as possible.

Attack is not always the best strategy

It is best to switch between attack and defence since the camera angle could come in the way of you seeing a potential attack. It is best to defend when you are surrounded by more enemies.

Know when to use weapons

The game has the option of a hand to hand combat and using weapons to attack the enemies. It is best that you use hand to hand combat to fight enemies without a weapon, and then switch to weapons when you are faced with an enemy that has a weapon.

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to download FAUG:

  • Step 1: Open Google Play Store
  • Step 2: Search for FAU-G or click on this link
  • Step 3: In the search results click on FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards
  • Step 4: FAU-G’s Google Play Store page will open. Locate and click on the Install button.