Famous Indian PUBG player ‘Mortal’ finished 2nd in the Streamer of the Year 2020 race

Famous Indian PUBG player 'Mortal' finished 2nd in the Streamer of the Year 2020 race

PUBG Mobile India Update: Indian gamers are eagerly waiting for PUBG Mobile India to launch but every day they hear some exciting regarding the launch which turns out to be a rumor in the end. This is getting really frustrating for the players. But between all these rumor there is a good news coming for the Indian Gamers. Famous Indian streamer and gamer ‘Mortal’ was the first Indian to be nominated for the “Streamer of the Year” category, along with eleven other streamers from around the world. He finished 2nd, as all his followers and mainly India voted for him.

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But who defeated the Indian PUBG star? Let’s find out:

IBAI the Spanish streamer was crowned the streamer of the year at esports awards 2020.

The Streamer of the Year Presented honors the most distinguished streamer who has raised the standards of streaming and increased the profile of esports across the globe over the past 12 months. The winner will have consistently been at the pinnacle of streaming, pushing boundaries of what is possible and providing constant entertainment for a large group of fans across the judging period.

The recognition for what a streamer is worth is from his audience, India PUBG player Mortal with his 6 million followers on you tube has built and sustained a following that is consistently entertained by him.

What was the Award criteria for streamer of the year?

Criteria 1:
Hosted live streams throughout the last year related to video games

Criteria 2:
Built and sustained a large audience of viewers who are consistently entertained.

Criteria 3:
Innovated in the area of streaming with new ideas, technological advancements or overall quality.

The Indian PUBG community came out and supported and voted for mortal for him to come 2nd.  Still they continue to support him





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