Famous Gamer Carry Minati becomes the top paid You-tuber in India

Do you want to know how much you can earn through Youtube. How much top youtube earners in Indian earn. Who is the highest paid YouTuber in India? YouTube today has become one of the most desirable career aspirations of young people today. It is reported that Carry Minati, a top youtuber in India who’s famous for his comedy commentary and gaming content. Carry Minati whose real name is Ajey Nagar is a PUBG and CS player who took to streaming and comedy content, he is looked up to by the aspiring youtubers of Indian. He makes about $66,100 monthly exclusively from YouTube. Compare that to YouTube channels from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, such as Ape Amma, Kitchen with Amma and Farjana Drawing Academy that earn $95,00 and $225,000 per month.

Carry Minati said that the report does not accurately represent his earnings from YouTube and declined to disclose the numbers himself.

But Carry MInati does not make as much as these other youtubers with similar subscriber count, for multiple reasons we will discuss below, the type of content he makes is not the ideal for YouTube and they demonetize his content. The use of profanities or bad language and offensive videos all in comedy is what brought him to fame in the first place. Carry of course has multiple other avenues of revenue other than YouTube, such as brand sponsors, influencer marketing networks and affiliate marketing.

The reason behind this gap in wages for youtubers one can say, is the YouTube CPM(Cost Per Mile) which is also known as Cost Per Impression is a unit used for monetization by YouTube, CPM determines how much money a YouTuber makes per thousand views. CPM is paid out to YouTube by companies that might advertise on your video, who take a percentage of the money and also give the YouTuber a percentage.

Before we take a look at what factors determine CPM let’s look at Top 10 countries with highest YouTube CPM.

CPM Rates depend on
· Audience type
· Inventory
· Niche
· Content
· Country


More specifically a countries CMP rates depend on a large amount of factors that the YouTube algorithm take into consideration, some of them are:

Average salary
Population of the country
Consumer statistics
Language spoken
Number of people connected to the Internet
Number of hours spent on the internet
Number of people using their credit cards


The main and primary payment on YouTube is advertising. The length of your video will depend on how many ads you can fit into it, and the content of the video overall will determine whether it’s advertisable or not. Previously most videos regardless of the content were advertisable, now advertisers have been getting more and more strict towards YouTube in that past few years, and many videos uploaded today simply aren’t advertisable. This includes videos with heavy language, videos that cover controversial topics, and anything that may offend. Well this explains why Carry Minati is not making as much as those other youtubers, if you have watched any of his videos you know.

How Much do they make per thousand views

Although advertising rates vary, the average advertiser pays $7.60 gross per 1,000 views.In practice, only 15% of video watchers on average watch at least 30 seconds of an advertising video, which officially counts as being a view.

This percentage undoubtedly depends on the subject matter of your channel and the nature of your subscriber base. Thus, for every 1,000 views of an average video, 150 people on average watch enough of the embedded ad to earn you advertising revenue. This means that the average YouTube site generates $7.60 x 0.15 = $1.14 revenue, less YouTube’s 55% take, leaves the channel owner with $0.63 net income from 1,000 views of a video