European Super League Football: LaLiga calls it “selfish and egoistical proposal”

European Super League Football: LaLiga calls it “selfish and egoistical proposal”: LaLiga on Monday condemned the recently published proposal for a breakaway, elitist European competition, saying that it “attacks the principles of open competition and sporting merit” which are at the heart of the domestic and European football pyramid.

A group of 12 European clubs on Monday confirmed their plans to launch a new European Super League. Among these 12, six belong to Premier League and they are — Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea. This European Super League has been met with severe backlash ever since reports started doing rounds in the media. Despite this fact, the 12 clubs have now confirmed the formation and format for the new competition.

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LaLiga termed the newly proposed tournament as a “selfish, egotistical proposal designed to further enrich the already super-rich”.

“Today football fans across Europe can dream that their club, no matter the size, may excel, climb to the top and compete at the pinnacle of European football. LaLiga defends this European tradition of football for all. The concept proposed by 12 European clubs destroys that dream, shutting the door to the top of European football, allowing in just an elite few,” LaLiga said in an official statement.

“The newly proposed top European competition is nothing more than a selfish, egotistical proposal designed to further enrich the already super-rich. It will undermine the appeal of the whole game and have a deeply damaging impact on the immediate and future of LaLiga, its member clubs, and all the entire footballing ecosystem,” it added.

LaLiga also said that the breakaway league threatens the rest of Spanish sports to which, in the current season, LaLiga will contribute more than 126 million euros as part of its agreement with the Spanish government and the Spanish FA.

Earlier, UEFA had said that any player and club who participates in the proposed Super League will be banned from UEFA and FIFA football tournaments.