European Super League: Barcelona president declares, ‘ESL completely necessary, we will keep supporting it’

European Super League: Barcelona president declares, ‘ESL completely necessary, we will keep supporting it'
European Super League: Barcelona president declares, ‘ESL completely necessary, we will keep supporting it'

European Super League – Barcelona to continue its support: The ill-fated Super League has enraged fans and troubled authorities while making allies of a pair of soccer’s fiercest nemeses. After 10 of the 12 clubs involved in the creation of the breakaway competition quickly dropped out under an escalating backlash, Barcelona president Joan Laporta emerged on Thursday as the sole supporter of the plan hatched by Real Madrid counterpart Florentino Pérez.

“It is absolutely necessary,” Laporta said on Catalan public television in his first public comments on the project. “The biggest clubs create the most financial resources and we must have our say in deciding how the earnings are shared.”

Even so, his own club issued a statement hours after he spoke that was aimed at calming tensions and promised to listen to the plan’s critics.

The six English clubs involved in the competition pulled out Tuesday amid escalating complaints from their supporters and warnings from the British government. A day later, Spanish club Atlético Madrid and the three Italian teams in the project — Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan — also opted out.

Despite being left nearly alone, Pérez — the competition’s supposed first chairman — said late Wednesday that the idea was not dead, but rather on standby.
Both Juventus and AC Milan also left open the possibility of joining a Super League at a later date.

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin said Barcelona was the club that “disappointed me the least.”

“Laporta was elected very recently and I spoke to him two or three times. He was under great pressure due to the financial situation he inherited,” Ceferin said. “This happens when you overpay some players and don’t get a result.”

European Super League: Javier Tebas tells Super League rebels to focus on reducing expenses, not bigger revenues

European Super League – Tebas advice to clubs supporting it: LaLiga president Javier Tebas has suggested that the clubs involved in the European Super League proposals should focus on controlling their expenses as opposed to fixating on generating more revenues.

Speaking in a press conference this afternoon following a meeting of the 39 clubs that LaLiga said were “not invited to be part” of the ESL, Tebas reacted to calls this week from Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez that more revenues needed to be generated to offset the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Real, along with Barcelona, has still to formally withdraw from the breakaway project.

Tebas, who said that the Super League plans had “dissolved like a lump of sugar”, remarked: “This isn’t a problem of revenue, these clubs need to reduce their expenses. We don’t need to keep increasing earnings so that players can have seven Ferraris instead of six.”

He continued: “If we give them [more] revenues, instead of earning big money they earn even more money. Maybe these clubs should control their expenses more than their revenues.

“I don’t think it’s a matter of satisfying them with more revenues. My position would always be that the problem is they should control their expenses more and the wealth should be divided up into more clubs in more countries. Otherwise it just makes the whole thing absurd.”