EURO 2020 Final: Formula 1 stat Lando Norris robbed of $50K watch as fans ran riot

EURO 2020 Final – Formula 1 star Lando Norris robbed: F1 star Lando Norris was one of fans at the Wembley watching…

EURO 2020 Final – Formula 1 star Lando Norris robbed: F1 star Lando Norris was one of fans at the Wembley watching the Euro 2020 final before the stadium descended into chaos following England’s defeat. The Three Lions were beaten on penalties by Italy, and fans went violent with fights breaking out in the stadium, while fans also stormed onto the pitch. Amid the warzone, Norris saw one of his prized possessions stolen by thugs in the stadium.

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EURO 2020 Final – Formula 1 star Lando Norris robbed: EURO 2020 Final: Lando Norris saw his £40,000 watch stolen at Wembley as fans ran riot after England Euro 2020 final defeat at the hands of Italy. Norris was mugged while attempting to leave in what was a security nightmare for Football Association. As per a report by The Sun, the 21-year-old F1 ace was ambushed by aggressive young people as he got into his £165,000 McLaren GT supercar. He was then grabbed by one while another tore off his prototype Richard Mille watch. An eyewitness mentions that Lando Norris looked pretty shaken by the ordeal and a spokesman of the McLaren team also confirmed the same.


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The Euro 2020 final was a nightmare for England on and off the pitch, as players’ families were caught up in conflicts and children were    left in tears. Furthermore, a female security guard was trampled and a disabled entrance was stormed at Wembley during the game. More than 2500 ticketless people stormed into the stadium where fans had paid £900 and more for tickets. The FA said it would carry out a full review and apologised to law-abiding fans for the “unprecedented level of public disorder”.

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As per the report, the Met Police made at least 86 arrests in London, including 53 at Wembley, for ABH (actual bodily harm), drunk and disorderly behaviour and criminal damage. A total of 19 officers were also injured, with Police Federation chairman Ken Marsh calling the scenes a “national disgrace”. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesman said that the scenes at Wembley were unacceptable  and “and we condemn violence, anti-social behaviour and abuse in the strongest possible terms.”

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