Esports : Valorant VS CS:GO, check the major differences

Earlier we had discussed why FPS players are switching over to valorant. Let’s look at some straight differences between the 2 games.

Valorant VS CS:GO : VALVE vs RIOT
Valve has clearly neglected the game from its very conception. Players and the CS:GO community have always complained about this aspect. Valve turned a blind eye to them, with no compotators thus far.

On the other hand we have Riot games who run the number one esports game in the world successfully for almost 10 years now. Valve has already created storyline (lore) for its agents in Valorant. Even Cinematics along with Spotify playlists, this ‘coolness’ which gamers can relate to brings them back to the game again.

Valorant VS CS:GO : MAPS

Taking look at the maps. Undoubtedly, CS:GO has a huge advantage. The game has been around for more than a decade in different version.

Valorant even after giving it the benefit of being a new game, its maps lack the diversity, the tactility and different elements. They are much easier than that of Valve’s, with room for improvement.


Valorant has characters with definite skills and abilities, which is absent in CSGO.

When it comes to GUNPLAY CS:GO is considered more tasteful and rewarding when u get a headshot as compared to Valorant which is considered not so interesting and much easier to control the recoil of the gun.


Valorant players appear at the middle of the map where they meet with the enemy immediately. In CS:GO, every team has its own spawn positions where they start their way on the map. As you can see, Valve’s creation leaves more space for maneuver and tactics.

As for the game by Riot Game. The accent is made on the early shoot-up. There is less time for rounds there as well as their number. It proves to make matches faster. Some people find active and speedy matches advantageous, but the tactics in CS:GO looks more interesting to others.