Neyoo speaks about the upcoming update on Godlike BGMI Roster

Neyoo, a well-known BGMI Esports athlete from Godlike Esports, announces his departure from the lineup and gives information regarding his fellow players and the team’s future.

Neyoo speaks about the upcoming update on Godlike BGMI Roster

Following the owner Kronten’s hints on roster changes in Godlike Esports, Suraj Mujumdar, also known as Neyoo, confirms his departure from the Godlike Esports Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) roster, talks about his future, and also hints at the future lineup core and more details on the current situation in Godlike Esports. Check out the update on the Godlike BGMI roster.

Update on Godlike BGMI Roster

In a recent stream, Neyoo announced that he would be taking a break and confirmed that he would no longer be part of the Godlike Esports BGMI Lineup. He also addressed the uncertain future of his teammates, Zgod and Shadow, in Godlike Esports, suggesting that they might also part ways with the lineup, although they will remain within the Godlike Esports organisation.

Furthermore, Neyoo mentioned that Joanthan is set to continue with the lineup, while Spower may potentially stay with Jonathan. It will be interesting to see which players Godlike will sign in the future as they seek ways to rebuild themselves after a challenging time.

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Chetan Chandgude, aka Kronten, recently stated that he gave the players a two-week ultimatum to show improvement, to which the players agreed. However, he is now hinting at potential changes to the team’s lineup. Currently, Jonathan, Spower, Neyoo, Shadow, and Zgod are on the Godlike BGMI roster. All of these players are well-known in the Indian BGMI community, and Neyoo confirmed his departure while also hinting at Zgod and Shadow’s exit.

Kronten will soon provide an update on the lineup changes, as promised, and fans will see new Godlike soon. However, Godlike is currently out of the BGIS 2023, but they are playing in other third-party tournaments such as Upthrust Esports Pro Showdown, where fans may see the new playing with teams in upcoming matches.

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