New State Mobile September update comes with a Ranked Match and new gun MP9

Krafton releases v0.9.53 update of PUBG New State which is also known as NEW STATE Mobile September Update.

New State Mobile September update comes with a Ranked Match and new gun MP9

PUBG New State aka New State Mobile September update is now available with a ranked mode, new gun MP9, and more. Read on to learn more about the latest update of NEW State Mobile.

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Ranked Match

In Ranked Match, your rank score increases or decreases, depending on the result of the match. If you defeat an opponent with a higher rank score, you will gain more rank points.You can view the average rank score of each team in the loading screen. You receive Chicken Medals upon reaching a certain rank score, and you gain Prestige Coins depending on your rank score when the season is over. You gain Prestige Coins and a title depending on your rank when the season is over.

New weapon MP9 added

The MP9 is a new SMG that uses 9mm rounds. This firearm is specialized in taking down enemies quietly with its suppressor, low recoil and fast projectile velocity. MP9 spawns in the field of every map in NEW STATE.You can equip accessories on the scope, magazine, and stock.

New Gun Customizations

MP9 C1 – Dedicated Stock MP9’s C1 customization, a Dedicated Stock will be added.The Dedicated Stock customization adds the following changes to the weapon: + Increased vertical recoil control+ Increased horizontal recoil control- Reduced ADS speed.

Tommy Gun C2 – Dedicated MagazineTommy Gun’s C2 customization, a Dedicated Magazine will be added. The Dedicated Magazine customization adds the following changes to the weapon:+ Increased magazine size (30 → 75)+ Increased Reload Speed- Magazine slot unavailable- Reduced recoil control.

The new Survivor Pass Vol.23 begins

The protagonist of Survivor Pass Vol.23 is Lila of Hunters. Achieve a certain pass level to get a free character!You can get the “Lila” costume set by upgrading to the Premium Pass. Purchase a Premium+ Pass to immediately acquire more rewards.If you upgrade to Legacy Pass, the ‘Dr. Mad Set’ will be available again.If you purchase the Premium Pass and reach a certain pass level, you will be refunded all of the NC spent on the Pass.

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