Kronten reveals Godlike BGMI Roster Update, check here

Kronten has revealed the Godlike BGMI roster with the inclusion of Clutchgod and the departure of Spower. Check out the full details below.

Kronten reveals Godlike BGMI Roster Update, check here
image source: Kronten Gaming

After much anticipation, Kronten has revealed the Godlike Esports BGMI Roster. With the return of their former IGL and Assaulter Clutchgod, along with the departure of the talented Spower, Godlike has returned to its original lineup.

Kronten reveals Godlike BGMI Roster

In the recent stream, Chetan Chandagude, aka Kronten, reveals the Godlike BGMI roster, including Jonathan, Neyoo, Zgod, Shadow, and Clutchgod. However, Spower will not be part of the Godlike Esports BGMI roster.

Kronten said that “SPOWER will be playing in a new eSports team in upcoming events. Earlier when we signed SPOWER in Godlike Esports, we have signed him for a limited time period to try him on the roster. If the team synergy built properly, he would have continued.”

Spower response on departure from Godlike, “When I initially joined Godl, there were some issues with my previous team. It wasn’t part of my original plan to join Godl immediately after leaving. However, when news got out that Spower was leaving, I received numerous offers, including one from Godlike. I ultimately chose Godl because I had good synergy with them. With the BGMS Lan event rapidly approaching, Kronten suggested I join them for BGMS and BGIS and see what happened. I also said I was coming; if synergy, etc., is good, then I will continue; if not, then we will see what the decision will be.

The change in Godlike Esports is kind of shocking in the community following Neyoo’s stream, where he stated that he is no longer part of Godlike BGMI. Roster and Zgod will possibly leave, but Kroten announces Neyoo and Zgod on the new roster stating that Jonathan is with Godl, and whatever YouTube stream Neyoo did, whatever statements Neyoo had given, he had given absolutely correct statements, and after that, we had a meeting, because you know. For me, every player is a family, including everyone, be it management, Shantanu, or Pajji. Jonathan, Neyoo, Zgod, Clutchgod, Shadow, Spower, everyone else, and Ghatak Bhai all mean family, which we have always come to mean family. But there were a lot of problems going on in between, be it in the management or in the performance of the players; some players used to come, some did not. So see, now we are going to prove some things.

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It would be interesting to watch how this godlike lineup featuring Jonathan, Zgod, Shadow, Neyoo, and Clutchgod performs in upcoming events; nevertheless, they are all well-known players in the Indian gaming scene and have been playing together for quite some time.

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