Esports: FIFA Organization NEO adds Nike and Outfitter as apparel partners

FIFA-focused group NEO has introduced partnerships with attire corporations Outfitters and Nike. The outfitter will function as the group’s lead merchandiser, whereas Nike will change into a jersey sponsor of the group.

Outfitter, a German football and sports apparel retailer, will be the “lead implementer for the individualization and refinement of NEO’s team wear,” according to a release.

The partnerships characterize a novel collaboration between an esports group and two attire corporations working collectively to produce new merchandise for the crew.

The partnerships represent a unique collaboration between an esports organization and two apparel companies working together to produce new merchandise for the team.

The outfitter is already partnered with another FIFA esports team, FOKUS CLAN, while Nike has existing esports collaborations with a number of teams including T1, SK Gaming, Vodafone Giants, and the Chinese League of Legends Pro League (LPL). Previously Nike signed a four-year deal with China’s League of Legends Pro League, agreeing to supply all squads with clothing and footwear from 2019.

Dan Woods, Manager of NEO said “After our first season with a lot of sportive success, we were very meticulous in our search for the right partner for sportswear, fashion, and merchandising, and found them in the duo of the two companies: Outfitter and Nike!“We are very pleased that we were able to win Nike as a supplier through the partnership with Outfitter – the jerseys for the coming season are very impressive and will certainly be well received by the FIFA community. The outfitter has proven time and again in classical sports, but also in esports, how individually, flexibly, and precisely to the wishes and specifications of the respective partners. Having these two companies on our side means a lot to us.”

Currently, NEO is an organization that exclusively competes in FIFA, but according to a release the team plans to expand its lineup in the future. It will be interesting to see how they evolve and what esports they focus on.