Esports : DreamHack and ESL merges, combined entity to be called ESL gaming

DreamHack and ESL, two of the biggest names in esports events organizing, are now one as the owner of both companies merged them on Wednesday.

Sweden-based Modern Times Group announced the merger of the two companies into what will be called ESL Gaming, in a move that goes into effect immediately. Though the new company will “push forward new innovations to serve fans and communities across events, platforms, formats and game titles — from casual to professional levels — in every region around the world,” per the announcement, the ESL and DreamHack brands will continue to exist independently.

“Through maximum co-operation and collaboration, and the melding of some of the best creative and visionary gaming minds in the industry, we will, together, continue to advance the innovation that drives this space via the most exceptional products and events,” new ESL Gaming co-CEO Craig Levine said in a statement. Ralf Reichert will be the other co-CEO.

Levine and Reichert have been co-CEOs of ESL since Levine joined the company in July.

Both DreamHack and ESL had been working more closely in tandem in recent years. Some ESL and DreamHack tournaments were combined to make the ESL Pro Tour this year.

In 2015, MTG purchased 100 percent of DreamHack and became majority owner of ESL. Both companies organize events that include multiple video game brands played at the same event.