BGMI Returns: Indian Esports Industry Reacts to Unleashing of New Chapter in Video Gaming

Indian Esports Industry Reacts to BGMI Returns: As per the recent development by the game publisher Krafton, Battlegrounds Mobile India is now available…

BGMI Returns: Indian Esports Industry Reacts to Unleashing of New Chapter in Video Gaming

Indian Esports Industry Reacts to BGMI Returns: As per the recent development by the game publisher Krafton, Battlegrounds Mobile India is now available to download & play on Google PlayStore & App Store officially and the new era of India’s favorite video game has just begun. With the much-awaited game’s server now being live, the journey from becoming a gamer to an influencer has just begun and it will be exciting to see how new gamers will grab this opportunity. Indian Esports Industry Reacts to Unleashing a new chapter in Video Gaming. For future updates on Battlegrounds Mobile India, follow InsideSport.IN

The ‘India Games Market’ report by Niko Partners is a testament to BGMI’s massive popularity in India as it states that nearly half of all mobile gamers from the country had played BGMI 12 months prior to the game’s ban. From that, 59% continued to play after the game was banned, 12% switched to another game and 29% stopped playing mobile games. The report also reveals that India is the fastest-growing gaming market in Asia in terms of revenue and gamers.

The first reactions from both professionals and casual gamers will be critical as this will reflect on the overall acceptance of BGMI in India as it came with some specific rules, guidelines, and time changes to thrive in the longer run. 

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Indian Esports Industry Reacts to BGMI Returns, Check Reactions below

 Mr. Animesh Agarwal, Founder & CEO, 8Bit Creatives, India’s leading esports consulting and talent agency boasts of top BGMI talents:

BGMI being available on both the Play Store and App Store represents the first real manifestation of the announcement of BGMI’s return last week. The excitement is running high within the community. For our creators, the mandate is simple: to take their love for the game and connect with an audience that has been waiting for this for so long. Given the loyal fanbase that BGMI already enjoys, coupled with the fact that the game is interesting enough for new players to join, we expect downloads to be off the charts. Now, it is upon the community and veteran creators to keep the excitement riding high. At S8UL, we are all excited to do just that.

Of course, this means a lot for the competitive and esports community in the country, considering the existing ecosystem in the market. We anticipate a plethora of tournaments and challenges happening in the coming months. Now that the game can be downloaded, our esports players are ready to start grinding and preparing for the upcoming season. BGMI officially coming back on the Play Store and App Store makes this whole feeling much more real. Since we have all had a moment to accept, celebrate, and enjoy the announcement, the message from BGMI is clear: “It’s time for action!”

Mr. Lokesh Suji, Director, Esports Federation of India & Vice President of the Asian Esports Federation (AESF):

BGMI Returns: Indian Esports Industry Reacts to Unleashing of New Chapter in Video Gaming

“The return of BGMI to the PlayStore and App Store signifies a new era of opportunities and immense growth for the Indian Esports community. Now that the game is officially back, it presents a fantastic platform for the country’s Esports athletes, budding gamers, and gaming content creators to leverage its potential and propel the industry to greater heights. Additionally, the government of India introducing measures to create a safe & secure ecosystem for players of all ages to enjoy will consequently help the game sustain and thrive. We look forward to watching this new chapter of the game unfold and take the nation’s video-gaming landscape by storm again.”

Rohit Agarwal, Founder & Director, Alpha Zegus, the next-gen marketing agency specializing in the domains of gaming & lifestyle:

“The king of Indian gaming is back, and the entire industry is more than delighted for its return! There are quite some modifications to the functioning of the game, and #GameResponsibly is on top priority for everyone to ensure this three-month probation period sails through easily. BGMI’s comeback is also expected to bring back a lot of stakeholders and brands, which will be highly positive for the industry’s growth. All in all, we’ll be good in the long run as long as we carefully approach these three months of probation.”

Mr. Nauman Mulla, Co-founder, Stan Esports on BGMI Relaunch

We are thrilled to witness the resurgence of BGMI in India, poised to bring about a remarkable surge in the gaming industry. The dedicated fans of BGMI have been eagerly anticipating this news for quite some time. STAN, with its unwavering commitment, will be doubling down its efforts towards BGMI and is excited to bring in new features for the fans. With utmost confidence, we anticipate BGMI to successfully navigate through the three-month trial period, fostering a secure and wholesome gaming culture for its passionate fanbase.”

Anuj Tandon, CEO – Gaming, JetSynthesys –

“It’s great to see Battlegrounds Mobile India making a comeback! This game has always been immensely popular among mobile gamers, and its return is sure to bring excitement and joy to its dedicated fanbase. This will turbocharge the esports ecosystem in India which has been resiliently diversifying for the last 1 year. KRAFTON has been making efforts to build an ecosystem in India which involves gaming, esports and media & entertainment and hopefully this also encourages them and more global companies to invest more in Indian gaming ecosystem. Overall, it’s a very positive development for a young industry that not just needs investment but the building of talent at all levels to make India a powerhouse in Gaming.”

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