Esports: Legal Action against Famous Free Fire player Jonty Gaming for breach of contract.

Jonty Gaming is one of the top Free Fire competitive players and content creators in the country. He is also a big influencer in the community, with a significant following on social media, with almost 2million subscribers on his YouTube. The streamer’s real name is Ajay, and he hails from Delhi.

Just a week after he was announced as a competitive player and content creator for Stalwart Esports They uploaded an Instagram story claiming that Jointy Gaming is in breach of their contract as he joined Critical X.

Team Critical X also CRX elite which is the No1 team in the Free Fire Indian Championship 2020 as of day 8 is accused of defending Jonty. The team CRX elite do mention Jonty as a member on their Instagram page.

Jonty has not stated on the matter yet. He has been uploading Vlogs with CRX players for the past few weeks and was even seen in Free Fire scrims with them.

Will Stalwart Esports take action against jonty, if they have a contract which jonty has agreed to then we don’t see a reason not to.

Critical X Esports

We reached out to both teams for a response of clarification.
CriticalX Esports responded by saying they are being defamed by Zeyan jeelani and Satlwart esports. They say that there was an agreement between Zeyan of Stalwart esports and CriticalX that Ajay”Jonty”kumar shall work as a content creator for Stalwart but play profesional free fire with CriticalX.
Jonty according to them, had not disclosed to them of any previous engagement with any other organizaton.

Stalwart Esports

Stalwart Esports also put out an official statement, in which they said that they will be taking legal action against CriticalX for manipulating their employee and having illegally signed a contract with their content creator jonty. They also mention that they have tried to reach CriticalX Esports with no response, they have put a pause to their content creation program