Esport : Free Fire India Championship 2020 Day 9 Results

The League Stage of the Free Fire India Championship 2020 Fall came to an end. The top two teams from each group have qualified for the grand finals, while the remaining 12 teams proceed to the grand finals play-ins.

Team CRX Elite came out on top in games between Groups B & C, and topped the leaderboard for the second consecutive day.

UG Empire won the first round of the day and ended with 99 points in total, and 28kills.
Team KS graspedthe second round with 55 points.

CRX Elite managed to grab the third and fifth rounds, helping the team lead the table by a margin of 42 points.CRX Elite has 185 points, and holds the tag of top fraggers with 94 kill points so far.

The fourth round saw Sixth Sense come out on top, who finished seventh on the Free Fire India Championship 2020 scoreboard with 26 kills and 78 overall points.

Route Changers, who finished seventh on Day 8, managed to win the final round today. With this Booyah, the team finished in the second place on the overall Free Fire India Championship 2020 rankings with 143 points and 64 kill points. Team KS finished third after accumulating 115 total points and 44 kill points.