England vs Australia 1st ODI Live Score: AUS wins by 19 runs and takes 1-0 lead in the series

Australia wins 1st ODI by 19 runs and takes 1-0 lead in the series.

Complete Match report: https://www.insidesport.in/sam-billings-maiden-odi-ton-in-vain-as-australia-eclipse-england-by-29-runs-to-secure-1-0-series-lead/

Here is the live coverage of the England vs Australia 1st ODI Match


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Match Summary

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AUS wins by 19 runs

It has been a robust fightback from Egland led by Sam Billings but he failed to take the hosts over the rope as Australia take a 1-0 lead in the 3 match series after winning the 1st ODI by 19 runs.

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Billings perishes on the last ball

Billings is dismissed on the last ball of the match after making a steely 118, albeit for a losing cause. ENG-275/9 after 50 overs

Sam Billings registers maiden ODI century

A well-deserved one. Good length, outside off, and he pulls along the ground to the deep midwicket fence. He came in at 57 for 4. ENG-267/8 after 49 overs; need 28 runs in 6 balls

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Rashid gets the height but not the distance. Maxwell taking the steepling catch at cover.  FOW-234/8

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ENG go 7 down

A fourth wicket for Zampa, Maxwell catching – as he almost always does – as Woakes skies to mid-off. FOW-223/7

Billings has switched gears!

Woakes drills a four through cover before Billings tonks a SIX over midwicket two balls later. England need 92 from nine overs to win. ENG-203/6 after 41 overs

Ali taken at cover

England even more up against it now as Ali drives to extra-cover. Labuschagne pouching above his head. FOW-182/6

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50 for Billings!

And Zampa strikes finally!
Bairstow gone for 84!

Bairstow goes leg-side again against Zampa but this time he is hitting to a bigger boundary and doesn’t get the distance – Hazlewood rushing round to take a cracking catch at wide long-on. FOW-170/5

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100 partnership for Billings-Bairstow!

The duo has been playing an extremely responsible innings as they bring up the 100 runs partnership.

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A tight over from Starc!

Starc conceded only 17 runs from his first five overs as Australia utterly dominated the early part of this innings and he is not expensive in his comeback over either. Just a Bairstow single, to extra-cover. ENG-152/4 after 33 overs

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Billings Bairstow partnership gives England hope

Stoinis to bowl the 30th over. He bowls a no ball and Bairstow plunders a boundary off the extra ball. Billings manages to find the fence with an awkward pull against Cummins. England finiding some momentum in this partnership, now on 88 runs off 89 balls. ENG 145/4 after 31 overs

Bairstow looking unstoppable!

That is a ludicrous shot! A length delivery from Cummins and Bairstow bludgeons it over midwicket for six! ENG-131/4 after 29 overs

Billings takes on the attack!
100 comes up for England!
50 partnership for Bairstow-Billings

Australia brings back Pat Cummins, who has another five overs to bowl after this and he goes for 14 runs in the 27th over!

Half century for Bairstow!

Bairstow was on 32* off 70 balls. He’s blasted 18 runs in the last 8 to reach a 78-ball 50.

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Two sixes in one over from Bairstow!

Short from Zampa and Bairstow connects and sends the ball over midwicket and into the stands! Misses the next and he nails this one, flat over wide long-on and suddenly there is a little bit of pressure on the bowler. ENG-96/4 after 25 overs


Billings living by a thread. He misses with the next one, hit on the full and there is another big appeal! No review though!

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Australia lose review

Another big appeal and this time Australia do go upstairs. Billings didn’t pick the googly and is hit on the back leg.

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Another good over from Zampa as the hosts are struggling to find runs. It’s been 5 overs since England found the boundary! ENG-63/4 after 19 overs

Zampa gets his second!

Buttler wanted to get after Zampa but mistimes his shot down the ground. It’s more up than out and Labuschagne comes in from long off and takes a superb catch, diving forward. FOW-57/4

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Hazlewood into his 8th over!

Looks like Finch is bowling out Hazlewood who is looking in excellent form. ENG-57/3 after 16 overs

Aand Zampa strikes!

Good length, on middle, and the pull goes straight to midwicket! Morgan tried to pull along the ground, but he just couldn’t keep it down. Good catch by Maxwell, who had to move to his left to take the catch. FOW-55/3

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4 leg byes!

England will take anything that comes their way at this moment!


Hazlewood is hit for a six this time. Full, outside off as Morgan runs down the ground to smash a six over wide long off! ENG-48/2 after 14 overs

A third maiden from Hazlewood

Hazlewood continues into his sixth over and Bairstow is really struggling out there. Yet another maiden from the Aussie. ENG- 28/2 after 12 overs

Successful review from England!

Bairstow given out lbw off the final ball of the over, only for the batsman to review successfully – the delivery just going down the leg-side. ENG-22/2 after 10 overs

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Hazlewood gets his 2nd wicket!

Hazlewood finding the outside edge of Joe Root courtesy of a touch of movement that eases the ball away from the batsman. Enter Eoin with his team in a bit of a mess. FOW-13/2

England struggling to find runs!

Cummins keeps the dot balls coming – four in this over as he hits a constant line on and around off-stump. ENG-13/1 after 7 overs

Hazlewood bowls 2 maidens

Hazlewood continues troubling the batsmen. He bowls his second consecutive maiden over as England struggling to find runs in the Powerplay. ENG 11/1 after 6 overs

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Watch the dismissal here!

ENG lose Jason Roy early!

Supreme one-handed take by Hazlewood, down to his right in his follow-through. FOW-7/1

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Good start to the over from Starc and three dot balls to finish, a really encouraging start for Australia. ENG-7/0 after 3 overs

And we are back!

Jason Roy takes the strike as Starc gets ready with the ball.

Australia Batting card

Starc ends with a big one!

Starc picks it this time and nails it over midwicket for a towering six! AUS-294/9 after 50 overs

AUS 9 down!

Woakes gets a wicket on the second last ball of the Aussie innings. Short ball, back of a length, and Zampa top-edges the pull straight up into the air as Woakes grabs it with ease. FOW-288/9

End of 49 overs

Mark Wood ends his 10 overs- 3/54 from 10 overs, and just four runs from his last – is a fantastic return. Can Australia cross 300? AUS-286/8 after 49 overs

Marsh departs for 73!

Struck on the pad, and the finger goes up! Marsh reviews immediately. Looked pretty good to the naked eye, and Ultra-Edge says there’s no bat involved. FOW-273/8

That’s close!

It’s almost two in the over but Billings, having made tremendous ground running in from deep midwicket, could not gather cleanly as Starc’s top-edged pull ballooned into the leg-side. Five runs and a wicket in the over. AUS-264/7 after 46 overs

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Wicket No.7 goes down for Australia!

Third wicket of the afternoon for Archer as Cummins skies to Morgan at cover. The England skipper clinging on as the ball threatened to bobble out of his hands. FOW-259/7

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New batsman in Cummins- and he begins with a single off his first ball and then a boundary. AUS-259/6 after 45 overs

Maxwell sent packing!

Immediate revenge for Archer as Maxwell drags a slower ball onto his stumps as he once again looks to wallop over leg. Big wicket for England. FOW-249/6

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Maxwell accelerates!

Back to back sixes from the Aussie- first one he sends it sailing high and mighty over the rope and a cute flick next over deep backward square for six more!

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Rashid finishes his 10 overs with 2/55

Rashid finishes with figures of 2/55 after running throught the Australian middle order early on. There has been no way in for England since then. AUS 230/5 after 42

100 runs partnership for Marsh-Maxwell
AUS-225/5 after 41 overs

And that’s a half-century for Maxwell too

Great knock so far, timing the ball nicely and opening up all sorts of hitting zones with this new stance. AUS-218/5 after 40 overs

Maxwell launches Rashid into the top tier!

Second six for Australia, second six for Maxwell. Rashid tosses up a legbreak, Maxwell decides to take it on and sends it miles over the midwicket rope! Huge six, helped by the wind no doubt but that would have been six on most grounds, flying into the top tier.

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50 for Marsh!

Good fighting innings from Marsh, reaches fifty from the final ball of the over, from 75 deliveries. AUS-197/5 after 38 overs

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50 runs partnership comes up for Marsh-Maxwell!

Both batsmen move the score along in singles. It’s a great chance for the two of them to prove their credentials in this batting order though. They’ve now crossed the 50 runs partnership playing riskless cricket. AUS-182/5 after 35 overs

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Last recognized partnership firing for AUS

Marsh is looking really well with the bat and Maxwell is complementing really well from the other end.Can the duo take the Aussie past the 300 mark? AUS 164/5 after 33

Maxwell with a maximum!

Maxwell hits the first six of the Australia innings in the 30th over to bring up the 150 for Australia. AUS-152/5 after 30 overs


Really well hit from Marsh, through the covers and into the gap for four. Three further singles make it a decent over for the tourists though. AUS-143/5 after 29 overs

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End of 25 overs

AUS 129/5 after 25 overs

Watch the delivery from Rashid here!

Australia lose half their side

Carey goes for the sweep, top-edges it and it loops up into the legside. Billings comes running in from deep backward square and takes a straightforward catch. Rashid has his second and Australia are in real bother now. FOW-123/5

AUS-118/4 after 22 overs

Four singles from Rashid’s latest overs. The England spinner is disguising his variations extremely well as neither Marsh nor Carey has been able to read him.

Wicket No. 4 goes down for Australia

Adil Rashid traps Labuschagne LBW. The Aussie tries to sweep a full delivery but it hists him on the pad and up goes the finger. The review is almost instantaneous but no luck for Labuschagne. FOW- 103/4

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Labuschagne is keen to work him to leg and does so to get two, then a single. Rashid is then too straight with his googly to Marsh, who tickles it fine and gets four, but beats the all-rounder with the first of two dots to end the set. AUS-98/3 after 18 overs

Stoinis falls for 43

Rich reward for Wood’s persistence as he draws Stoinis forward into a drive but with minimal footwork the Aussie snicks through. FOW-80/3

Australia 79/2 after 15 overs

Stoinis lands a lusty blow down the ground, taking four off Ali. Root comes out of slip and drops into square leg, suggesting Ali will lose the flight and bowl a touch straighter.

Stoinis races to 32 to off 24 balls

Back-to-back boundaries for Stoinis – the first thumped hard through point, the second a genuine edge to third man’s left. Wood’s answer is an eye-catching delivery that eases away off a perfect length and practically kisses the bat on its way through.

AUS-46/2 after 10 overs

England will be content with the start they had, while Australia have lost 2 wickets under 50 and now have an uphill task at hand.

Bowling change and it pays off!

Wicket on the last over of the powerplay! Immediate success for Wood, who strikes with his first ball as Finch’s half-hearted drive produces a nick straight through. The skipper didn’t wait for the decision. FOW-43/2

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Good over for Australia- runs off it

Stoinis claims a boundary of his own with a powerful punch off the back foot past Morgan at mid-off. Time for a change with pace replacing pace – Wood coming on for Archer. AUS- 43/1 after 9 overs

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AUS 29/1 after 6 overs

Archer continues to consistently hit the 90mph mark now and he’s found a tight line and aggression to match. Finch takes on a shoulder-high bouncer, keeping his eyes on it well, and rolling the wrists to collect a tasty four.

Watch the cracking delivery from Archer here!

Archer gets the breakthrough

Archer finds his line and knocks back the top of Warner’s off-stump with some late movement. That was a jaw-dropper. FOW-13/1

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Finch and Warner walk into the middle. Warner faces. Woakes to bowl the first over for England. Here we go! The first runs come with a push to third man for two from Warner. Good running between the wickets between the openers. AUS 4/0 after 1 over

Aaand we are underway!

Playing XIs

Toss Results

England wins toss and elects to bowl

It is being billed to be a high-octane clash as the No.1 ODI team will play hosts to the No.1 T20I team in the world. Australia picked up their first win after the pandemic winning the final T20I match in Southampton and save the blushes of a whitewash.

Click here for AUs vs ENG LIVE Score – https://www.insidesport.in/sport-matches/?field=entity_cricket&id=45466&widget=match_center

Match details and streaming (ENG vs AUS ODI series)


September 11: 1st ODI
Venue: Old Trafford, Manchester
Time: 5.30pm IST (1pm local)

September 13: 2nd ODI
Venue: Old Trafford, Manchester
Time: 5.30pm IST (1pm local)

September 16: 3rd ODI
Venue: Old Trafford, Manchester
Time: 5.30pm IST (1pm local)

Telecast details

TV: Sony Six, Sony Six HD

Live Streaming: SonyLIV app

Weather forecast

According to the weather forecast, the England vs Australia 1st ODI can be affected by brief spells of showers. The maximum temperature can be 17°C while the minimum will be 11°C with a considerable overcast weather.

Pitch conditions

The last match played on the ground was England vs Pakistan T20 series which ended as a 1-1- tie. The pitch last time around offered a lot of bounce to the pacers and is once again expected to favour them.

The match is expected to be a high-scoring one and the batsmen will have to lead from the front if the team fancies a win.

England vs Australia Squads (ENG vs AUS ODI series)

England Squad: Eoin Morgan (Middlesex, capt), Moeen Ali (Worcestershire), Jofra Archer (Sussex), Jonny Bairstow (Yorkshire), Tom Banton (Somerset), Sam Billings (Kent), Jos Buttler (Lancashire, wkt), Sam Curran (Surrey), Tom Curran (Surrey), Joe Denly (Kent), Chris Jordan (Sussex), Dawid Malan (Yorkshire), Adil Rashid (Yorkshire), Mark Wood (Durham)

Reserves: Liam Livingstone (Lancashire), Saqib Mahmood (Lancashire)

ODI Squad: Morgan (capt), Moeen, Archer, Bairstow, Banton, Billings, Buttler (wkt), Sam Curran, Tom Curran, Rashid, Joe Root (Yorkshire), Chris Woakes (Warwickshire), Wood

Reserves: Denly, Mahmood

Australia Squad: Aaron Finch (c), Sean Abbott, Ashton Agar, Alex Carey, Pat Cummins (vc), Josh Hazlewood, Marnus Labuschagne, Nathan Lyon, Mitchell Marsh, Glenn Maxwell, Riley Meredith, Josh Philippe, Daniel Sams, Kane Richardson, Steven Smith, Mitchell Starc, Marcus Stoinis, Andrew Tye, Matthew Wade, David Warner, Adam Zampa

Match Prediction

A score of 180+ will be par at Old Trafford and will give the bowlers something decent to defend. With Australia having one the final T20I contest, the Aaron Finch-led side will hope to seek motivation from the win and are likely to repeat the success in the ODI opener.