Elias returns on WWE Raw, booked for next week’s segment

Monday Night Raw saw the shocking return of Elias in the most unexpected circumstances possible. The former WWE 24/7 champion had been out of action for close to five months.

A PPV caliber triple threat match served as the stage of his return. New Raw recruits AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy and new SmackDown savior Seth Rollins faced each other.

As the match was reaching its climax, Hardy was in control. However, Elias appeared out of nowhere and smashed a guitar over Hardy’s back. This allowed a devious Styles to pin Hardy and steal the victory.

Almost five months ago, on the May 29 edition of SmackDown, Elias pulled out of the Intercontinental Championship tournament. In kayfabe, WWE showed that Elias had met with a car accident.

However, in real life, the Superstar had suffered torn pectoral muscle and required surgery. WWE was expecting him to be out for 6-9 months; however, they will be happy with his premature return.

Elias is now drafted to WWE Monday Night Raw

Soon after the triple threat match, Stephanie McMahon walked out to announce the fourth-round draft. The returning Elias was revealed as the very first pick of the fourth round.

Coming to Monday Nights means Elias will be in a long time rivalry. This could be the continuation of the accident storyline from SmackDown.

This rivalry has no title involved as of now and can easily turn into a mid-card filler if things aren’t done correctly. In the last two nights of the draft, WWE has seen two returns to the main roster, with the freak Lars Sullivan returning on SmackDown.