WWE Raw: “El Gran Gordo” Otis introduced his new incarnation in the latest episode of WWE Raw

WWE RAW Highlights: The 2020 WWE Draft had separated Otis and Tucker, with the latter moving to Monday Night RAW. Tonight, mere days after the draft ended, Tucker introduced a “new” tag team partner to the WWE Universe. Tucker stated that he looked all over the world and located a legendary luchador.

Out came El Gran Gordo, who was Otis wearing a mask and cape. In the end, Gordo hit a splash on The Miz to win the match for his team, and proceeded to celebrate with Tucker.

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WWE NXT Superstar Santos Escobar posted a tweet soon after, stating that Gordo looks a lot like Otis, to which the SmackDown Superstar posted a response and had something to say about the luchador.

Otis and Tucker’s split didn’t even last a month

Otis and Tucker were split during the 2020 WWE Draft, and many fans weren’t happy. Fans eventually accepted what happened, but aren’t thrilled one bit with WWE putting the duo together again in just a matter of days.

It remains to be seen whether Otis will keep donning the persona of El Gran Gordo for a long time to come, or if he’ll drop the character soon and we will get the old version of Heavy Machinery back.

No matter what happens, here’s hoping that WWE respects the results of the draft for at least a few months before doing something like this again with other Superstars.