East Bengal vs Shree Cements controversy: Shree Cements reply to SCEB’s Letter – Ask to specify ‘inconsistent, incorrect’ parts

ISL New Season: East Bengal’s future in doubt as executive committee refuses to sign final agreement with Shree Cement citing differences

East Bengal vs Shree Cements controversy: SC East Bengal’s investor Shree Cement have replied to the club Officials’ letter, which was mailed on April 28. The letter cited that certain parts of the term sheet signed on September 1 were ‘inconsistent and incorrect.’

“That is very vague. They should tell us which part of the term sheet is not correct. Otherwise how would we know what they are talking about,” a representative of Shree Cement East Bengal told The Telegraph.

Speaking exclusively to Insidesport, sources privy to the developments revealed, “I am not sure about the future of East Bengal. While supporters are waiting, we don’t want to make false promises. Today the situation has reached this place due to the negligence of the East Bengal officials. They have been holding the matter for 6 months. Not signing the term sheet. One minute work !”

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East Bengal vs Shree Cements controversy: Shree Cement’s officials had set a deadline for the club officials to sign the term sheet which wasn’t done. The club officials alleged that the terms in the initial term sheet and the final agreement are not the same. This inturn has stopped the squad building process for the next season at a time when the other teams are busy shopping.

Shree Cement had come on board after chief minister Mamata Banerjee played a leading role in ensuring East Bengal’s entry into the top flight Indian Super League (ISL) as the 11th team.

Now, while everyone is hoping that she would once again intervene to end the impasse, sources close to the chief minister said she had more pressing matters to contend with. “Her priority is fighting the pandemic. During such a crisis she can’t be expected to spare time to resolve the Shree Cement- East Bengal deadlock,” the source said.