Dream11 IPL 2020: Rahul Tewatia reveals story behind 5 sixes in one over

Rahul Tewatia has revealed the story behind his 5 sixes on the bowling of Cottrell. According to Tewatia, when he was promoted up in the batting order – plan was completely different than what actually happened in the middle. According to Tewatia, he was promoted with a clear cut instruction from coach Andrew McDonald to go out and hit the leg-spinner Ravi Bishnoi. 
“Well, the coach (Andrew McDonald) told me to hit sixes off the leg-spinner (Ravi Bishnoi) but unfortunately I didn’t hit him”, said Tewatia. The batsman from Haryana tried his best to hit Bishnoi out of the park but could not. His scoresheet read 8 off 19 balls. Tewatia said, everyone in dug-out was getting impatient. 
“I was not hitting the ball well initially. Then I saw in the dugout, everybody was curious
“I think that was the worst 20 balls that I have ever played”, declared Tewatia. 
Not only in the dugout but on-air commentators were questioning Rajasthan Royals move to promote Tewatia ahead of others. 
“The dugout knew I can hit the ball long. I knew I had to believe in myself. It was a matter of one six”, the 27-year-old Tewatia said after the Royals’ 4-wicket win.
And then the miracle happened. Bowl was in the hand of Cottrell and Tewatia said, he in head decided to give his all in this over. 

“I tried to hit the leg-spinner, but unfortunately I couldn’t. So I had to hit other bowlers. Five [sixes] in the [18th] over felt amazing.”

Rahul Tewatia’s Past IPL Record and Salary
No one even have an idea Tewatia first played in IPL in 2014 for Rajasthan Royals for mere 10 Lakhs. He stayed with RR for another season in 2015 before moving to KingsXI Punjab in 2017 edition. No team picked him in 2016 edition. 
In 2018 Tewatia was picked by Delhi Capitals for 3 Crore salary. But Delhi team soon lost his interest in him and before the start of this year, he was sold by Delhi Capitals to Rajasthan Royals and rest is the history. 
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Year Team Salary
2020   (Transfer DC to RR) RajasthanRoyals
₹ 30,000,000
2019   (Retain)
Delhi     Capitals 
₹ 30,000,000
Delhi Daredevils
₹ 30,000,000
Kings XI Punjab
₹ 2,500,000
Rajasthan Royals
₹ 1,000,000
2014  Rajasthan Royal ₹ 1,000,000
Total ₹ 94,500,000