DOTA: Valve decline to host $ 40 Million The Internationals in China due to COVID-19, TI to take place in Stockholm in 2021

The Shanghai government has supported the idea of hosting The International 2020 in China in the spring, but Valve declined the proposal.

After Kyle’s blog post about TI10 and Valve’s handling of it went viral in the Chinese Dota 2 community, Ruru, the CEO of LGD, made a statement claiming that TI10 could have been held in Shanghai this year if Valve didn’t decline the proposal.

Ruru said that “the Shanghai government was willing to support The International 2020 at the same level as the 2020 League of Legends World Championship .”

A statement from Haitao (co-founder of IMBATV) was also attached to Ruru’s statement, which read:

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In fact, in April and May, Dr.Xiao(CEO of PerfectWorld.) applied to Valve to host this year’s TI in Shanghai. And the Shanghai government also stated that it would fully support it. But Valve refused.

We can see the success of the League of Legends Championship this year. As fans and players of the game, the question is clear. Why would Valve reject a good proposal?

Contrarily, Valve does not want to take any chances in the current pandemic situation. As there could be players travelling form 40+ countries, and the it was too early in the pandemic, as we had less information regarding Covid. Meanwhile Riot when through with their plan, taking inspiration from traditional sports and set up a bubble environment for any one involved with the Worlds.

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The tenth The International was supposed to take place in Stockholm, but the championship was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Valve plans to host the main Dota 2 tournament of the year in August 2021 in Stockholm. The prize fund of the competition exceeded $40 million.

Later on, Valve elaborated their reasoning behind this postponement stating that they considered hosting a TI with no fans and just the teams, broadcast talent. But they found it to be not viable. They also added that they did not want to run the DPC without cross-regional play, since it is a very important component of how DPC points are allocated for The International.

Valve’s latest statement states that the DPC tournaments will likely resume in January or February of 2021 and that TI10 will happen in August 2021 in Stockholm, Sweden. However, Valve also mentioned that they also have backup countries if the tournament cannot take place in Sweden.