‘Detox’ before fresh start: Team India bond at the Blue Springs Waterfront

The tough schedule makes it very difficult for international players to fret over defeats, the reason Indian cricket team decided to spend their day out on Thursday at the picturesque Blue Springs Waterfront in order to recharge their batteries.

Gone are those days when a 0-3 defeat would mean over analysis and the current crop are quick to move on and look at what’s in store ahead and there can’t be a better ‘detox’ of defeat than sightseeing in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

The Indian Test team did enjoy their time and in the process walked close to seven to eight kilometers according to senior wicketkeeper Wriddhiman Saha, which in itself was a good enough exercise.

The Valentine’s Day would be spent on cricket pitch, so skipper Virat Kohli decided to make most of the free time with wife Anushka also joining the touring party.

With Yuzvendra Chahal, team’s resident VJ cum interviewer back after the white ball leg, a normally reticent Mohammed Shami took up the mantle of asking the players about their experience on live camera.

“I think it was quite exciting for us to go out with the whole team and I think we walked for about one, one-and-a-half hours. Walking with the team and clicking pictures together, it was quite a fun session,” young Shubman told reporters after the trip.