Davis Cup: Sony Music ties up with Kosmos Tennis for finals

Kosmos, the sports and media investment group founded by Spanish football star Gerard Pique, has partnered with Sony Music, the record label of the entertainment giant, to provide entertainment at the Davis Cup finals, the new climax to the men’s national teams tennis competition, which will take place in Madrid in November.

Under the agreement, Sony Music Latin Iberia, the regional arm of the brand, will produce an hour-long audio-visual show at the finals of the competition on November 18 featuring music artists in the form of American football’s iconic NFL half-time show.

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“It will merge contemporary and avant-garde paying homage to the historic legacy of the Davis Cup itself,” Kosmos said.

With its objective to further enhance the Davis Cup by Rakuten Finals as a major sporting event that offers unique experiences to audiences around the world, Kosmos Tennis and Sony Music Latin Iberia have announced a strategic alliance for the first edition of the tournament. With this alliance, both entities will be working together to create new entertainment experiences that will combine music and sport, Davis Cup has stated on its website.

A 360-degree audio-visual show will be loaded with technological elements and live music tomark the start of the Davis Cup by Rakuten Madrid Finals on November 18, starting at 13:00.The show will combine tradition and innovation, paying tribute to the historical legacy of the Davis Cup with the players from the 18 competing nations participating.  Three hours later, at 16:00, the three ties of the first day will begin: Croatia vs Russia, Italy vs Canada and Belgium vs Colombia.

Ticket information for musical performances that are part of the Davis Cup by Rakuten Madrid Finals will be posted on this website and on the official social networking channels @DavisCupFinals. Priority will be given to those who have tickets for the competition.

The deal between Sony Music and Kosmos was facilitated by Colombian singer Shakira, Pique’s wife who is signed to the record label.

Sony also recently signed a similar partnership with Barcelona, the Spanish soccer giants which Pique plays for, to provide musical entertainment at the club’s Camp Nou stadium.

The 2019 Davis Cup Finals,  at the Caja Mágica in Madrid from November 18 to 24 November, will feature 18 nations – Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Russia, Serbia, Spain and USA.The revamped Davis Cup also has partnerships with Rakuten, the Japanese e-commerce company which serves as title sponsor, Adecco and Head.

Wrestling fans can catch all the action LIVE from UWW World Championship 2019 on www.wrestlingtv.in