David Beckham’s Guild Esports to enter CS:GO, consults Duncan Throin for the roster

Guild Esports comes up with a big CSGO news, David Beckham’s Guild esports is looking to enter CS:GO, and who better to consult than Ducan Thorin Shields. Thorin has more than a decade of experience in the game, and has covered esports as a journalist since 2001. Guild Esports have entered a partnership with Thorin to help them find a Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO) team roster. Guild continues to spend those big bucks they raised and it’s exciting.


The British Esports analysts, famous among the Counter Strike community, said in his statement that he felt that in Esports teams there was too much power with either the players or the business stakeholders. He said that his aim would be to create a structure more like a traditional sports team.

Carleton Curtis, Executive Chairman at Guild Esports said on the agreement: “We are delighted to partner with Thorin and work with him to build the best Counter-Strike entry strategy for Guild.”

Through this arrangement, Guild may well be following the footsteps of North American organisation Cloud 9, which earlier this year signed Henry ‘HenryG’ Greer as its General Manager tasked with creating a star-studded CS:GO roster.

Last month, Guild Esports debuted on the London Stock Exchange, closing with a market capitalisation of £41.2m. The organisation also announced last month it had agreed a three-year sponsorship deal worth a total of £3.6m with an unknown technology firm.

Guild’s first venture into esports occurred earlier this year by signing a highly rated European Rocket League squad, as well as world-class FIFA competitor Niklas ‘NRaseck’ Raseck. More recently Guild has signed another highly rated European squad, this time in VALORANT, and now sights are set on CS:GO.

The culture of celebrities and athletes investing in Esports teams has become pretty popular, just in the last month we have seen mainly top football athletes invest in esports teams.