CS: GO vs Fortnite vs Valorant: Pro players engage in banter over which game has better “aim”

CS GO vs Fortnite vs Valorant: The eSports communities often clash with each other while discussing skill, aim, or tactics. But, on this rare occasion, they made advances at each other, rather teamed up against one game to prove a point– Which game requires more aim?

The battle of words took place on Twitter when a 20-year-old Fortnite player TSM ZexRow Tweeted saying “Fortnite requires more aim than Valorant and CS: GO”. As expected, Twitter hit a frenzy and pros and competitive players came out with their stance on it.

CS: GO vs Fortnite vs Valorant: Where it all started

Fortnite player and streamer ZexRow who plays for the North American esports organization TSM posted a rather controversial statement saying, Fortnite players need more skill set than CS:GO and Valorant, that happen to be two of the best tactical first-person shooters (FPS) games in the world.

ZexRow, in order to prove his point, also made a YouTube video and said I don’t know “how people can argue that”.

Taking another jibe at the CS:GO community he tweeted saying “No way CS players have this big ego to think it isn’t 80% crosshair placement.” Mostly reiterating that CS:GO and Valorant do not require a lot of aiming skills.

CS: GO vs Fortnite vs Valorant: The Val-GO community crossfire

Both the Valorant and CS:GO players were quick to shun the claims made by ZexRow’s, most of them mocking Fortnite, and calling the game a construction simulator with low aiming skills.

Some of the responses delivered to ZexRow by pros and personalities are nothing but a product of sheer genius and wit.

Evil Geniuses CS:GO rifler Ethan “Ethan” Arnold went on a spree and said ZexRow’s Tweet by said “Proves if you say something stupid enough, you’ll get a bunch of Twitter interactions” and shoved aside what the Fortnite player had to say.

CS:GO talent Mohan “launders” Govindasamy tweeted a rather logical approach and gave a breakdown on how Fortnite differs from CS:GO and Valorant.

Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella being his usual savage self used a GIF to articulate what other users also felt after reading that Tweet.

The argument eventually died down with it being just a fun Twitter banter and burn, with no plausible outcome.