Cristiano Ronaldo signs partnership with leading wellness brand Therabody

Cristiano Ronaldo signs partnership with leading wellness brand Therabody
Cristiano Ronaldo signs partnership with leading wellness brand Therabody

Cristiano Ronaldo – Therabody Partnership: Therabody the global leader in wellness space has announced signing with Juventus and Portugal football player Cristiano Ronaldo as the company’s newest Therabody Athlete. The partnership also marks the release of Therabody’s largest global ad campaign to date, which will launch in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, Australia, China, and Japan.

The deal sees Ronaldo become an ambassador of the company and through the agreement he will promote the Theragun percussive therapy device. The Portuguese star follows a host of notable athletes and celebrities in signing with the brand.

Most recently, Belgian forward Romelu Lukaku joined as an investor and ambassador, while other prominent athletes who have invested include English footballer Trent Alexander-Arnold, Brooklyn Nets basketball players Kevin Durant and James Harden and former tennis player Maria Sharapova.

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The company has also signed a raft of commercial deals with sports teams. This includes football clubs such as Real Madrid, Arsenal, AC Milan and others.

Cristiano Ronaldo signs partnership with wellness brand Therabody
Cristiano Ronaldo – Therabody Partnership: Known around the world for his accolades as a top goalscorer, his control over the pitch, and desire for perfection, Ronaldo maintains his position as one of the world’s best athletes by prioritizing overall wellness. He attributes the longevity of his career in part to how he takes care of his body with the best technology and techniques available. The Theragun—the first handheld percussive therapy device—has become a staple in Ronaldo’s routine because it helps accelerate his recovery, prevent injuries, and improve overall athletic performance. His habitual use of the device—specifically on his legs and feet—validates the efficacy of Therabody’s industry-leading solutions.

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Cristiano Ronaldo signs partnership with leading wellness brand Therabody

“My body is my weapon,” explains Cristiano Ronaldo. “To be the best, you need the best recovery. That’s why I choose Therabody.”

Ronaldo’s introduction to Theragun was in 2017, when Dr. Jason facilitated a demonstration for players and coaching staff at Real Madrid’s campus. He was the first athlete that Dr. Jason had seen use Theragun’s cone attachment on the sole of his foot, which led Dr. Jason to create a new Theragun protocol. Dr. Jason has become a trusted resource for Ronaldo, advising him on ways to optimize Theragun benefits and help advance his recovery routine.

“Cristiano is a lifelong student and has become a master at his craft, always exploring new and effective ways to take care of his body and mind,” explains Dr. Jason Wersland, Founder and Chief Wellness Officer of Therabody. “I’m honored to support his journey to continuously find ways to be his best and elevate the wellness of those around him.”

Ronaldo will work with Therabody to amplify the importance of whole-body wellness and educate his community on the benefits of Theragun. By partnering with legendary athletes like Ronaldo, Therabody is empowering consumers to take control of their wellness and recovery by using the same technologies that have historically only been available to professional athletes.